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Accessibility and Inclusion


We strive to welcome park visitors of all abilities and are working diligently to remove barriers to accessing our facilities, programs and services. 

  1. Work is underway to develop an Americans with Disabilities (ADA) Transition Plan that will identify access barriers and an action plan to remove and remediate those barriers. 
  2. We are seeking advice from disability communities and people with life experience to advise us in developing the ADA Transition Plan.
  3. Our goal is to have a completed plan by January 2021. 
  4. We are adding accessibility information and photos to our park web pages so visitors can plan trips that meet their accessibility needs. Example (opens in a new window).
  5. Our staff are receiving ADA training department-wide. We have trained 100 OPRD park rangers and managers as ADA Site Evaluators.
  6. We are also working to improve outdoor recreational opportunities to everyone.

How to request information in an alternate format

An individual may request any of our public documents in an alternate format by sending an email  or by calling 1-800-551-6949. Alternate formats are available in large print, braille, audio tape, computer diskette, and oral presentation. 


We believe everyone who visits Oregon's state parks should feel welcome and all people should have the opportunity to connect with outdoor experiences and special places—now and 100 years from now. This is our commitment to being an inclusive agency.

Employees working in a cross-section of job positions and statewide locations champion this mission through the OPRD Inclusion Committee.

The Inclusion Committee empowers all employees to follow an Engage, Relate, Adapt model of interacting with each other and visitors. The approach ensures we are connecting and engaging each other in meaningful conversations. We encourage all visitors to ask employees about the model and try the approach. 



Helena Kesch 
Americans with Disabilities Act, and accessibility comments and questions


Iris Benson
Inclusion Committee Chair


Oregon Accessibility Travel Guide features Beaver Creek at Brian Booth State Park

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