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Oregon Parks and Recreation Commission

The Oregon Parks and Recreation Commission was created by the State Legislature in 1989 to establish policies, adopt rules necessary to execute the duties of the Department, set fees, acquire property, promote the state´s outdoor recreation policy, and appoint the OPRD director. Commissioners serve four-year terms. They are appointed by the Governor and confirmed by the State Senate.





2020 Meeting Dates and Locations

February - Forest Grove
April - Online (link coming)
June 16-17
September 15-16
November 17-18 
(meeting dates and locations are subject to change)


Congressional District 1:
Jennifer H. Allen, Vice Chair;
Term expires February 2023

Congressional District 2:
Steven Grasty
Term expires May 2021 

Congressional District 3:
Jonathan Blasher
Term expires June 2023

Congressional District 4:
Cal Mukumoto, Chair;
Term expires September 2020

Congressional District 5:
Vicki Berger
Term expires May 2021

East of the Cascades:
Lisa Dawson
Term expires February 2022

West of the Coast Range:
Doug Deur
Term expires May 2021 


Lisa Sumption, Director
Denise Warburton, Executive Assistant to the Director and Commission
725 Summer Street NE, Suite C 
Salem, OR 97301 

Phone: (503) 986-0719 
Fax: (503) 986-0796

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