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Beverly Beach State Park

March 2024 utility upgrade progress.Crew working in trench at Beverly Beach

About Beverly Beach State Park

Beverly Beach State Park’s creekside campground is one of the state’s largest. Some campsites and the park’s day-use area are just steps away from miles of ocean beach extending from Yaquina Head to Otter Rock. The forest-sheltered campground features giant, wind-sculpted trees and nurse logs. Spencer Creek runs through the campground and day-use area. 


The project focuses on upgrading the park and campground utilities, including power and water lines. The upgrades include:
  • Replacing single-phase power to three-phase power so onsite equipment can operate safely.
  • The local power provider will also replace the overhead power lines with underground power lines in conduit.
  • Replacing portions of the water lines that are well beyond replacement age and are an ongoing maintenance issue.

Temporary Visitor Impact

Scheduling requires the park closed Sept. 5, 2023 through Aug. 1 2024.


  • Design finalized.
  • Awarded construction contract to Laskey-Clifton and started construction.

Next Steps

  • Substantial completion of construction in Aug. 1, 2024.
The current general obligation bond estimate is $5-6 million.
Last updated June 2024. Additional updates as information becomes available.

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General Obligation Bonds Overview

The 2021 Oregon Legislature passed SB 5506 that approved general obligation bonds to revitalize parks and campgrounds. The Oregon State Parks and Recreation Commission approved a preliminary list of projects in November 2021.

The project at Beverly Beach State Park was one of the projects approved to receive funds from bond sales.

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