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Public Records Request

Complete and submit the Public Records Request Form to request a public record from the Oregon State Board of Examiners for Engineering and Land Surveying (OSBEELS) under Oregon Revised Statute (ORS), Chapter 192. To assist the Board office in its effort to process your request, please be specific when identifying the document(s) or record(s) by name. For example, “December 2013 Examinations and Qualifications Committee meeting minutes,” “Final order and settlement agreement for regulation case #1111” or “Copies of my FE application materials from the October 2013 examination administration.”

The Board office may not be the custodian of the document or record you are requesting. If records are held by another public body, you must make a request directly to that agency. The Board will notify you if it is not the custodian of the requested records and will provide you with the name of the custodial agency.


Fees are calculated pursuant to DAS Statewide Policy. Fees may also include legal costs, which include Assistant Attorney General (AAG) charges for reviewing and separating records and related legal administrative support charges. If you choose to personally inspect the requested records, there may still be fees associated with your request.

OSBEELS will estimate charges for responding to records requests that are estimated to be $25 or more. No written estimate is required if the cost to produce the record is less than $25. However, OSBEELS may still provide a written estimate or may otherwise notify the requestor of the costs. OSBEELS may allow a waiver/reduction of fees if OSBEELS determines that the waiver/reduction of fees is in the public interest and that making the record available primarily benefits the general public. A person who believes
that there has been an unreasonable denial of a fee waiver or fee reduction may petition the Attorney General in the same manner as a person petitions when inspection of a public record is denied under ORS 192.450 to 192.505

Download: Public Records Request Form