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Letter to Libraries Online

A monthly newsletter from the State Library of Oregon
Volume 27, Issue 8, August 2017

Library Board News

State Library Board to Meet by Phone on August 11th

The State Library Board will hold a phone meeting on August 11th at 9 a.m. There is only one action item to discuss, so the Executive Committee felt that an in-person meeting would be unnecessary. The board will review the minutes from the June 9th board meeting and then consider funding for a beginning reader project. Please contact Jessica Rondema (503-378-5015) for call-in information, or come to Room 103 at the State Library to listen to the phone meeting in person.

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State Library News

The 2017 Legislative Session Made Additions and Edits to Our State Symbols

WesternMeadowlarkAs the 2017 Legislative session concluded, there were a small number of enacted and proposed changes to the list of Oregon’s state symbols. Instead of a state bird, Oregon now has an official state songbird and a state raptor. Senate Concurrent Resolution (SCR) 18, which passed on the last day of session, designates the western meadowlark as the state songbird and the osprey as the state raptor.

OspreyThis may be a demotion for the western meadowlark, but is a definite promotion for the osprey. There was some debate over the issue since each bird had its respective champions. Eventually, a compromise was reached and the resolution states in part, “Whereas while most states are content to be limited to one state bird, Oregon recognizes the need for another, understanding that there is room in the hearts of Oregonians for two symbolic birds.”

MarionberryPieThe uniquely Oregon marionberry, when made into a pie, is now the official state pie (House Concurrent Resolution 19). There was no word if raspberries were uttered on the floors of the Oregon Legislature but it is unlikely, as the resolution passed overwhelmingly.

StateTartanLastly, for those of you that want to pledge your loyalty to our state while attending a Scottish games, you will want to be informed and decked out in the new state tartan (HCR 13). A very interesting story describing the background and development of our new tartan can be found here.

There will be no official state dog (SCR 4, HCR 16), nor official state horse (HCR 20) and an effort to alter the lyrics of the official state song, “Oregon, My Oregon,” failed.

Your State Library will keep you apprised of all state symbol changes. And the Oregon Blue Book is an excellent source of information about each symbol.


State Library Staff Participated in the OLA SSD Conference

DayInTheLife The State Library was well-represented at last week’s OLA SSD 2017 Conference, Making Field Goals: Adapting and Thriving in Library Service, held at the University of Oregon. Nine members of our staff attended, including State Librarian MaryKay Dahlgreen. Five of our staff were presenters at the conference. Jessica Rondema, Executive Assistant, participated in a panel entitled, “Make the Most of Your Day: Scheduling the Easy Way!” Circulation Technicians Crystal Grimes and Kate Anderson were part of the “Serving Vulnerable Populations” panel. Elke Bruton, Public Services Librarian, participated in a panel entitled, “Three Perspectives on Accessibility: Bring your Challenges!” And Digitization Specialist Rachel Kenny gave a presentation for the “Day in the Life” session. As always, the Support Staff Division of OLA put on a very successful conference and the State Library staff members were proud to be in attendance. For additional images of the conference, please visit OLA SSD's Facebook page.

The State Library Welcomes Natalie Brant

NatalieBrant The State Library is pleased to introduce Natalie Brant as our newest librarian and Coordinator of Reference Services for the Government Information and Library Services Division. Natalie most recently hails from Wisconsin. After graduating from college at U.W.-Madison, she relocated and began her career in New York City. She has worked for the social policy research center MDRC, studying the success of government programs in a support position. Encouraged to attend graduate school, they negotiated a flexible schedule which led to the creation of a professional position after graduation. Her most recent position was as Head of Library Services with the Open Society Foundation. She is active member of SLA. Arriving in Salem with her cat, she is enjoying the summer sunshine, hiking, and the delicious Oregon IPAs.


2017 Public Library Statistical Survey opens August 1

IMLSLogoPublic library directors will soon receive an email and letter with information about this year’s Public Library Statistical Survey. The data from this survey provides the most comprehensive statistical picture of the state of public libraries in Oregon and contributes to the national data that has been collected since 1988 by Institute of Museum and Library Services.

All Oregon public libraries are required to complete this survey. Submissions are due October 1, 2017.

Frequently Asked Questions are available, but if you have any additional questions or need assistance with using the survey tool, please contact Susan Westin (503-378-5435).

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State Librarian: MaryKay Dahlgreen, 503-378-4367

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