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Accidents and Fatalities

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Recreational Boating Accidents and Fatalities in Oregon

Boaters need to make sure they have the necessary skill and required equipment for the waters they enter. While accidents happen for a variety of reasons, 85-90% or more of fatalities could be prevented if the victims wore life jackets. The annual statistics illustrate this point very well.  
The Marine Board tracks all boating-related fatalities, motorized and manually powered. 
Marine Board Boating Accident Reports are, by statute, confidential and not open to public or media review. Please note: recreational boating statistics do not include those deaths which happen across state lines, are commercial in nature (charter, guide, industrial, etc.) or occur after a person has purposefully left the vessel (to swim, etc.).  The Marine Board has adopted Federal law for Accident Reporting as it pertains to documenting accident and fatality statistics.
The largest percentage of accidents and fatalities occur on rivers or in the Pacific Ocean's surf zone.  
Boating accident and fatality trends in Oregon

Special skill is required of boaters to safely navigate the inherent dangers in rivers and crossing coastal bars.  
Go with a registered outfitter/guide and consider joining a rafting club to gain more experience and skills to run a river.  For the ocean, go with a registered guide or charter.  
(Click on "Online Services" in the upper right-hand corner of the page and click on "Guides and Charters Lists to search).  
Plan trips with experienced boaters and take advantage of online or local boating clubs to learn local information.  
Take a boating safety course or specialized course from the ACA or other paddling association. 
Download free publications available through the Marine Board's library. 

Educated boaters are safer boaters.  

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