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Agency Fees

The Marine Board is supported by user fees paid through motorboat registrations and Waterway Access Permits to support its programs and does not receive any state general fund dollars. Agency programs and services go back to boaters in the form of boating facility access grants to waterway facility owners, contracts with county Sheriff's Offices for marine law enforcement, and environmental and education programs.  Your fees also support aquatic invasive species prevention efforts through mandatory boat inspection stations along Oregon's boarders and abandoned and derelict boat removal from waterways in the state. Outfitter guide and charter boat licenses and boater education card fees support the administration of those programs.

​​Trans​action Type Fee Amount​​ ​Required Documents/Info
​Title ​$75

Original Certificate of Title for a boat.

​Late Oregon Title Transfer ​​$25 ​Late penalty fee assessed for Oregon-titled boat when applicant applies more than 30 days from the date of release by the former owner.

​Lost/Replacement Title (no owner or lender change) ​$25 ​Applicant must be the current owner. Lost or Replacement Title Application with signature verification.

​​Lost/Replacement Title (with owner or lender change)​ $75​ ​Original Certificate of Title for a boat or completed Lost or Replacement Boat Title Application.

​Boat Registration Fee Schedule​ ​$5 plus $5.95 per foot. Registration is issued on a 2-year calendar basis. Renewal cycle begins November 1st of the expiration year to receive full, 2-year registration.

​Replacement Certificate of Number ​$15 ​Registration must be current. Certificate of Number (registration card) only.

​Replacement Certificate of Number AND Registration Decals ​$15 ​Registration must be current.

​Transactio​n Type​ ​Fee Amo​unt ​Required Documents/Info
​1-week non-motorized boat permit ​$5
​Non-motorized boat
(Including out-of-state) 1-year permit
​Non-motorized boat 2-year permit ​$30 ​​

One permit per boat 10 feet long and longer. Permit is transferrable to other non-motorized boats. Children 13 and younger are exempt. See Boat Rental Business section below for non-motorized boat rental business discounts.

​​Transaction Type ​Fee Amo​unt ​Required Documents / Info
​Out-​of-State motorized boat permit and sailboats over 12 feet ​$20 ​Out-of-state motorboats are required to stop at mandatory boat inspection stations when entering Oregon. An out-of-state Aquatic Invasive Species Prevention P​ermit is required if operating on Oregon waterways.

If bringing non-motorized boat(s) into Oregon, a Waterway Access Permit is required (See purchasing options above). 

​​Trans​acti​on Typ​​e​
​Fee A​​mount​​
​Required Documents/Info
N​on-Motorized Rental Busin​ess Registration 
​Fre​e Regi​strati​on​​
​Beginning January 1, 2020, any individual or entity renti​ng or leas​ing boats must register with the agency. Registration is required every two years and allows the agency to send along pertinent boating safety and equipment information that can be passed along to customers.

​Non-Motorized Rental Business 
Waterway Access 
Permit Discount 
(includes sailboats 10 feet
long but under 12 feet)​​​




Business renting 6-10 non-motorized boats 10 feet long and longer

Business renting 11-20 non-motorized boats 10 feet long and longer

Business renting 21 or more non-motorized boats 10 feet long or longer

Motorized Boat Rental Business
Registration Discount
​$90 and $10 per boat ​Registered rental businesses are eligible to receive motorboat registration discounts (valid for 2 calendar years) if holding 5 or more boats ready for rental


​Transaction ​Type ​​Fee Amount ​Required Do​cuments/Info
​​Boater E​ducation Card ​$20 ​Course completion certificate from online or classroom course or equivalency exam provider AND Boater Education Card Application
​Replacement Boater Education Card ​$16 ​Lost, stolen, or damaged cards can be replaced online using our online store.  Pay online today and print a temporary card so you can get back out on the water right away!

If you prefer to replace your card through the mail, please fill out our request form to have an application and temporary card emailed to you.​


​Transa​ction Type Fee Amount​ ​​Required Documents/Info
Annual Re​gistrati​on​ ​$150 ​Annual registration is valid per calendar year. Fees f​or non-Oregon residents may vary.​
​Replacement decals or licenses ​$5
​Non-Resident Hunt Tag Program

​Annual fee for calendar year.
Initial application fee.
​Charter Boats carrying more than 7 passengers $50

​Annual fee for calendar year for Oregon Titled vessels. 

US Coast Guard documented vessels. Fees for non-Oregon residents may vary. 


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