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Partners in Safety

Come Aboard and Become a Change Agent
Marine deputy greeting a young boater wearing a life jacket

Images make an impression. They influence behavior and helps guide our choices. When used to market outdoor recreation, tourism, products, or services, images can be powerful safety messengers! One very important pivot we can make is to join forces to help normalize life jacket wear and connect with visitors and new boaters that life jackets are socially acceptable, do not impede movement and come in a buffet of styles that are trendy AND comfortable for every activity.   

The Willamette Valley Visitor's Association, in partnership with the Oregon State Marine Board, invites organizations from the boating and travel/tourism industry, boat rental and outfitter guide businesses, non-profit groups, education sectors, boating clubs, and local, state, federal and tribal governments to sign on and commit to using your digital platforms to show life jackets being worn when promoting water recreation opportunities. 

Let's work together to normalize life jacket wear so it's more socially acceptable -and improve water recreation safety in Oregon!