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Hazardous Substance Reporting
A hazardous substance is any substance required by Oregon-OSHA to have a Safety Data Sheet (SDS) or any substance for which a hazard is identified on any available SDS. It also includes radioactive material or any waste substance that presents a physical or health hazard to emergency response personnel or the public under normal conditions of use or during an emergency situation.If the maximum amount of a hazardous substance stored at the site meets or exceeds the reportable quantity  at any one time for more than 24 hours must be reported.
Oregon is a one-stop-shop for hazardous substance reporting. By completing your Annual Hazardous Substance Inventory report in CHS Manager you have fulfilled your obligation to report. The LEPC, Fire Department and EPA all have access to the information you have provided in your report. We have worked diligently to streamline the process for facilities to more efficiently report their hazardous substance storage, and distribute the information to all agencies privy to the information.
The State Fire Marshal's office works directly and indirectly with your local fire department and responding hazmat team to ensure our first responders are informed and prepared to respond in the event of a hazardous substance incident. We also work with the Oregon State Emergency Response Commission (SERC) and the Local Emergency Planning Committees (LEPC) in the planning for emergency responses.These collaborations benefit all of Oregon with better planning and preparedness for a quick and efficient response in an emergency situation.

CHS Manager – File a Hazardous Substance Inventory Report
The Community Right to Know Hazardous Substance Manager (CHS Manager) is the online portal for Oregon facilities to submit their annual hazardous substance inventory reports. Any facility that stores a hazardous substance at a reportable quantity is required to submit an Annual Report for the substances stored during the previous calendar year. Any facility that introduces a new hazardous substance in a reportable quantity at their location must file a report within 30 days.
Safety Data Sheets (SDS)
In order to ensure emergency planners, first responders, and the public have the most up to date and accurate information available, facilities are required to upload the current SDS to CHS Manager for each reported hazardous substance.

CHS Manager Tutorial Video
This tutorial will walk you through how to register for a user account and access CHS Manager. It also contains step by step instructions on submitting a hazardous substance inventory report.

CHS Manager Assistance
The CR2K Help Desk contains information on multiple topics to help answer questions that CHS Manager Users may have. You can search by topic and keywords. This online resource is available 24/7. Click here for some assistance getting started.



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