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Last Updated 7/29/20

OHA Clinical Care, and Healthcare Infection Prevention and Control Guidance for COVID-19 -7.22.20.pdf

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Video Presentation Explaining Phased Reopening Process​ - 5/11/2020


April 2, 2020 Special Board meeting - OTs / OTA's can work as assistants to respiratory therapists with proper training.

Online course for ICU and Vent Patients:
This course will help to arm them with the information they need to treat and care for critically ill patients.  Effective immediately, ERI is offering the online course Lines, Tubes, Ventilators, and Diagnostic Screening for Stability v. Instability at no cost to therapists. Use promocode ERISTANDS at checkout to receive this course. It will be available through June 1, 2020.  Please pass this along to your staff or colleagues who could benefit from this material.

Below is the link to our other online courses in the event you have staff who need their CEUs for renewal. 

Link to Education Resources online courses

Elective and Non-Urgent Procedures

Governor's Executive Order 20-22

Framework for Restarting

Executive Order 20-12 and 201-10:

The Governor has issued Executive Order 20-12 on 3/23/20 expanding social distancing requirements designed to slow the spread of the virus and save lives.  While a clinic​​, as a heath care facility, is an allowable destination under the order, as a provider or patient of occupational therapy, it is critical that we all follow social distancing measures to the greatest extent possible to limit the spread of the virus and protect the most vulnerable populations.  Executive Order 20-10 pertaining to elective and non-urgent procedures and the use of PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) also applies to all Occupationall therapy practitioners. The Oregon Health Authority has issued guidelines for complying with EO 20-10.

Overall, be sure to stay current on all requirements and recommendations for social distancing, cleaning and screening practices, and make adjustments to patient care, including the application of telehealth and rescheduling of all non-urgent care.


Important Links:

The Oregon Health Authority, under direction of the Governor's office, is coordinating the State response and guidance including guidance for health professionals.  The primary landing page for information is here, where you can also sign up for updates.  

OHA also includes links to CDC guidance, or you can go here directly. CDC recently published guidance and communication tools for clinics here

The Governor has issued several Executive Orders relating to COVID-19, and additional direction for health care professionals is expected later today.  All Executive Orders are published here.

Increasingly, city governments are also publishing mandates that may apply to you.  We recommend taking a moment to reference their websites and signing up for notifications.


Oregon Coronavirus Information & Resources:

Coronavirus/COVID-19 Information and Resources


OHA - Guidance related to delaying elective procedures:



**To help all OT practitioners, educators, and students navigate through this uncertain time, AOTA has lifted member-only access to all COVID-19 & OT webinars.

Medicare Telehealth Success During COVID-19: What You Need to Know About Providing Telehealth to Medicare Clients
Tuesday, May 12: 3:30 p.m.–5:00 p.m. ET


To register and see all available programs, visit AOTA's COVID-19 & OT Online CE series page. Earn up to 1.5 contact hours per session. Webinars will be live-tweeted using #COVID19andOT and available on the AOTA Store within 24 hours of the live event.


Here are a few of the recently recorded COVID-19 & OT courses:



For Board rules and FAQ's on telehealth:


Oregon Health Plan coverage of Telephone/Telemedicine/Telehealth Services:


OHA - COVID-19 Expanded Telehealth/Telemedicine Provider Webinar:

-- For a video recording of the webinar, please visit https://youtu.be/h3A7IeTidso.​


Nationally, there have been several actions to ease the utilization of telehealth; if you are new to telehealth or are considering expanding your use of telehealth temporarily, we recommend regularly reviewing information published at HHS.gov and CMS.gov.  Here are two relevant links published earlier this week relating to billing and HIPAA compliance:

Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Telemedicine Fact Sheet


US Dept. of Health and Human Services Emergency Response Information

From the AOTA website (www.aota.org):

Q: Telehealth is an emerging practice area that I need to learn more about. What resources are available to get me started?

AOTA's Telehealth Resources page contains a variety of articles, webinars, charts, and practice documents to help OT practitioners to navigate this emerging area, including professional guidance on ethics.


Q: Am I eligible to provide occupational therapy services via telehealth?

While additional flexibilities for telehealth have been incorporated into both federal programs and private insurance, these flexibilities don't always expand the definition of who can provide telehealth services. Read: OT and Telehealth in the Age of COVID-19.


Other Resources

Business Oregon has put together a resource for businesses impacted by COVID-19 here

Oregon Health Authority's Health Security, Preparedness and Response Division has several resources for guidance and preparation, including information on volunteering with the State Emergency Registry of Volunteers -- SERV-OR.

OHA Health Security, Preparedness and Response Program

SERV-OR:​  https://www.oregon.gov/oha/PH/Preparedness/SERV-OR/Pages/index.aspx