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License Renewals

License Renewals for 2024 has closed. 

Licenses are valid for up to two years, and expire on May 31st of even years. 

If you did not submit a license renewal application on or before May 31, 2024 and you would like to reinstate it, you may still renew with additional requirements.

To reinstate your lapsed license,

The Oregon CE Rule states that you must have 30 points of CE within the last 2 years or be current on your NBCOT certfication. (OAR 339-020-0010).

Legislatively mandated CE:

* All licensees must complete 1 hour on cultural competency (OAR 339-020-0025).  (Licensees can choose the course)

* All licensees must complete the OHA Pain Management Module (OAR 339-020-0015).  Link to the OHA Pain Management module:

Please note:  Licensees must upload the completion certificates into the License Portal.

Important Note Regarding Email: 

You’ll need to login to the Licensee Portal using the email address that the Board has on file for you. If you no longer have access to this email account, or if you’re not sure what email address the Board has on file, contact Board staff by email to verify or update your address. 

If you have multiple email addresses, please try all of them before contacting the Board. 

Because changes in your employment or student status may change your access to employer or university email accounts, we strongly encourage licensees to use a personal email address for their account. 

Additionally, several email providers have been blocking emails from state senders, including Providence, Hotmail, Comcast and MSN. Unfortunately, we have no control over this, as the block occurs after the message leaves our system and we are not notifiedIf you have one of these email providers and you do not receive a confirmation email after submitting a renewal or application, or after trying to reset your password, please contact the Board to provide an alternative email address.

Renewals 2024—FAQ's:

Will this CE course count?   If you are current on your NBCOT certification, you automatically meet the CE requirement.   To see if a course will count you may want to check with the NBCOT since you are reporting your CE to them.  Check your certification status at

If you are not current on your NBCOT certification,  the OT board does not pre-approve CE but the OT practitioner can decide that it is relevant.  The therapist has to determine that the class is at practice level and related to their OT practice.   Those not currently certified will be required to upload 30 points of CE certificates and explain how each CE course relates to their practice.  AOTA/NBCOT approved courses automatically count.

Is there a particular cultural competency CE course I must take?   Licensees can choose a course that would be most beneficial to their practice.   For a list of available courses, check the OTLB website under the “Cultural Competency CE" tab and scroll downward to the lower portion of the page.  You will find a list of courses, costs and the links.  You are not required to choose a course from the list.

How do I print a copy of my license for my employer ?
The License Portal allows you to print off your new license. However, please note your renewed license, good through May 31, 2026, will not be available to print until you have completed all steps of your renewal and it has been approved by Board staff.   You will receive an email once the renewal is processed.  We are no longer mailing certificates.

What if I'm not sure if I'm going to work in Oregon?  Is there an inactive status?  In Oregon, you are either licensed or not licensed.  If you let your license lapsed and want to get licensed later on, you would have to pay the $50 late fee.  Cost to reinstate a lapsed license is as follows:

If you reinstate your lapsed licensed from June 1, 2024-Feb. 28, 2025 you would pay the two-year fee: 

OT:  $240+$50 (late fee)= $290.  OTA:  $160+$50 (late fee)=$210.

If you reinstate your lapsed license from March 1, 2025-Feb. 28, 2026 you would pay the one-year fee:

OT:  $120+$50 (late fee)= $170.  OTA:  $80+$50 (late fee)=$130.


I'm planning to stop working for a few years, should I renew?   You should keep in mind that if you are unlicensed in any state for over 3 years you must go through a board approved re-entry program or retake the NBCOT exam to become re-licensed in Oregon.  ORS 675.240(5) / OAR 339-010-0016(2).