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Occupational Therapy Licensing Board


Law / Ethics Exam
All applicants must take and pass the Oregon Ethics/Law exam before they can receive their new license.  Already licensed Oregon OT and OTA's can also take the exam for 1 free CEU.

If returning applicants have been unlicensed in Oregon for over two years, they are required to re-take the Law/Ethics exam.
The Director will receive the results directly by email.   If you do not pass it the first time, you will be able to re-take it again the next day.
There is a helpful study guide below that you can refer to while you take the exam.  Links to AOTA Supervision Guidelines and ORS OT Statutes and OT Administrative Rules are also available.  The exam is “open book”.  Hint:  watch for the bolded items.

Study Guide for each section of the exam:​