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Occupational Therapy Licensing Board


OT Licensing Board - PUBLIC Member Vacancy

The OT Licensing Board is currently seeking a new PUBLIC member to serve on its five member board.  A PUBLIC member may not be a spouse, domestic partner, child parent or sibling of an individual who is a licensed occupational therapist or licensed occupational therapy assistant.  All board members must be residents of Oregon.​​

The Board is comprised of 2 OTs, 1 OT Assistant and 2 public members.  Board members are appointed by the Governor and approved by the Legislature.   

Board Mission:  To protect the public by supervising occupational therapy practice; and to assure safe and ethical delivery of occupational therapy services.

Board Member Responsibilities:  Attend quarterly Board meetings customarily held in February, May, August and November.  The meetings begin at 10:00am on the first Friday of the month and generally last until 2:00pm.  Sometimes Special Meetings are called in addition to the quarterly meetings. 

Review confidential complaints and complaint investigations, including confidential and protected health information regarding members of the public.   The Board then determines whether a licensee has violated Oregon statute or rule in the course of their practice, and if so, imposes discipline.

Member Time commitment:  Board members dedicate approximately 2-4 hours preparing for quarterly  Board meetings, and Board meetings last between 3-4 hours. Sometimes additional "Special" Meetings are held that are generally under a .5 hour. 

Board members can serve up to 2 four year terms.  The new public member will finish out the current term ending on March 31, 2025, just under 3 years. Board members are entitled to a stipend of $151 per board meeting.

The Governor and the Board are committed to ensuring that the Board represents the growing age, racial and gender diversity in Oregon.  All citizens are welcome and encouraged to serve.​

To apply to join the Board: Please review the Governor's instructions:

For more information, please email the Board Director.