Occupational Therapy Licensing Board

Pursuant to HB 2011 (2019), the Oregon Occupational Therapy Licensing Board has filed the following Proposed Rule Amendments with the Secretary of State.

The deadline to submit any comment is June 22, 2020 @12:00pm.

 339-020-0025  Continuing Education CE in Cultural Competency

Continuing Education in cultural competency is considered relevant for the current practice of all licensees and may be used toward satisfying the required Continuing Education hours.

(1)    Effective July 1, 2020, all currently licensed occupational therapists and occupational therapy assistance must complete at least one hour on Cultural Competency during each license renewal cycle.

(2)    Beginning in 2024, demonstration of completion of required Cultural Competency CE must be provided in a format prescribed by the Board during every other license renewal.

(3)    This required CE in Cultural Competency may also be used towards satisfying the Occupational Therapy CE requirement under OAR 339-020-0010 (1).

(4)    The Board encourages all licensees to obtain Cultural Competency CE from the approved list, promulgated by the Oregon Health Authority. The Board shall also accept Cultural Competency CE that is not obtained from the Oregon Health Authority's approved list, to the extent the Board determines that Cultural Competency CE claimed teaches the Cultural Competency skills recognized by the Oregon Health Authority in rules that are effective at the time the Cultural Competency CE is obtained.  However, the Board will not pre-approve Cultural Competency CE outside the approved list promulgated by the Oregon Health Authority.


339-020-0010 CE Requirements for Current Licensees

(1) All current licensees shall obtain a minimum of 30 points of CE from Board approved categories during the two years immediately preceding the date of the license renewal; or

(2) The Board recognizes the mMaintenances of continuous professional development hours as evidenced by current NBCOT Certification (National Board of Certification in Occupational Therapy) may be used to as fulfilling satisfy the requirements for CE under subsection (1) of this rule, but may not be used to satisfy the cultural competency CE requirements of OAR 339-020-0025 or the pain management CE requirements of OAR 339-020-0015. 

339-020-0080  CE Certification

(1)Persons seeking to renew their license or to restore a lapsed license shall submit with their application a statement certifying that they have completed CE requirements set forth in these rules that are applicable to them.  If persons seeking renewal practiced in Oregon at any point during the prior licensing period, they are required to obtain Cultural Competency CE as stated in 339-020-0025(1).