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Adjudications and Registrations

Adjudication is a statutory process designed to determine the water rights for registered uses of surface water that began before adoption of the Oregon Water Code on February 24, 1909, as well as Federally Reserved Water Rights, and for registered uses of groundwater that began prior to August 3, 1955.

Why is Adjudication Necessary?

Adjudication will determine the extent and validity of vested water rights, as well as quantify any federally reserved water rights. Adjudication is a legal process to determine the validity of that water right, how much water can be used, and other characteristics of the right. It is essential to resolving and preventing water conflicts in an era of increasing water demands and changing climate. The ability to manage water resources has been greatly facilitated in those areas of Oregon where Adjudications have been completed. By creating a record of enforceable water rights through the Adjudication process, water users have greater predictability and flexibility in meeting their water needs. Adjudication must be completed to understand the full extent of legal surface water use in a given area.

What is a Claim/Registration?

A Claim is a statement of a surface water use that began prior to February 24, 1909, or a groundwater use that began prior to August 3, 1955. These statements are also known as Surface Water Registrations and Groundwater Registrations.
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