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Reporting to PERS

PERS-participating employers report their employees’ wages, hours, and demographic information to PERS on a regular basis. PERS uses the information you report to determine:
  • Your employee’s PERS plan and job classification (plans and job classifications have different rules for earning benefits).
  • If your employee qualifies for certain benefits.
  • The amount of your employee’s future pension and other benefits.
  • What you owe to PERS to fund your employees’ future benefits.
  • Your employee’s demographic information (e.g., name, address).

Employer reporting roles

Every PERS-participating employer has a web administrator and up to 15 employer reporters who report to PERS. Learn about the responsibilities of these roles in employer reporting guide 3 Reporter Roles and EDX Access.

Using EDX

For information about using EDX, from getting an account to submitting reports, go to the Using EDX webpage.

Uploading wage reports with automated data upload

For instructions on using the automated data upload function to send batches of wage reports in EDX, go to the Automated Data Upload webpage.

Beginner employer reporting

The PERS Employer Service Center (ESC) offers live training, videos, and guides to help employers learn reporting. Once you understand how to report in EDX, your ESC representative can help you answer questions and solve issues.


  • Instructor-led training courses.
  • Introduction to EDX video series.

Employer reporting guides 1-6

  • 1 Overview of PERS
  • 2 Employer Requirements and Support
  • 3 Reporter Roles and EDX Access
  • 4 Creating a Report
  • 5 Creating a Record
  • 6 Correcting Suspended Records

Intermediate to advanced employer reporting

Employer reporting guides 7-24

  • 7 Reporting a New Employee
  • 8 Hiring a PERS Retiree
  • 9 Reporting Wages for a Qualifying (Full-Time) Employee
  • 10 Reporting Wages for a Non-Qualifying (Part-Time) Employee
  • 11 Reporting a Leave
  • 12 Military Leave
  • 13 Family and Medical Leave
  • 14 Disability Benefits
  • 15 Reporting a Termination or Death
  • 16 Reporting a Retirement
  • 17 Calculating Unused Sick Leave Hours at Termination or Retirement
  • 18 Reporting or Changing “Average Overtime”
  • 19 Completing Work List Requests
  • 20 Creating a Demographic Correction Request (DCR)
  • 21 Viewing Employee Information
  • 22 Changing Employee Demographic Information
  • 23 Submitting an Adjustment Record
  • 24 Running Reports
Financial reporting

Employer reporting guides 25-28

  • 25 Sending an Encrypted Message to PERS
  • 26 Understanding Your Statement
  • 27 Paying Your Invoice
  • 28 How to (Potentially) Reduce Your Bill

Reporter codes and terminology

For status code, wage codes, job classifications, and more, refer to the employer reporting quick-reference guides.

One-on-one help

  • Call the Employer Call Center line between 8:30 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. at 888-320-7377 or email the Employer Support inbox for a quick question or a status check.
  • Call or email your ESC representative to schedule one-on-one time. Your representative can help you if you’re stuck, don’t understand why a report is suspended, or need help fixing an issue.