Oregon’s Traffic Incident Management (TIM) Program

Safe, Coordinated, Collaborative and Efficient

Oregon’s TIM Program is dedicated to improving the on-scene safety of our first responders, reliability of our highways and livability of our communities by increasing outreach and awareness of TIM practices.


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Multi-disciplinary TIM training is available to all emergency responders

TIM consists of a planned and coordinated multi-disciplinary process to detect, respond to and clear traffic incidents so that traffic flow may be restored as safely and quickly as possible. TIM Responder Training brings together personnel across the responder spectrum to build a stronger, more coordinated corps at the local and national level.

What to know about this FREE training:
  • It’s federally developed and nationally delivered: Developed by FHWA and offered in partnership with AASHTO, national TIM training curriculum is pilot-tested and based on best TIM practices and advanced standards. To date more than 250,000 TIM Responders across the U.S have received the training.
  • It’s customizable: Training can be delivered in its entirety or through select modules in almost any setting.
  • It’s Oregon DPSST-Certified: Participants receive professional development credit.
To respond effectively as a team, we must train as a team

Trainers first began delivering TIM Responder Training throughout Oregon in late November of 2013. Since then, we have trained more than 4,200 Oregon responders!


Who Does TIM?


A special thanks to our Statewide TIM Responder Training Implementation Committee for helping us improve traffic incident training and response in Oregon.

Multiple response agencies work together to respond to highway incidents:
  • Law Enforcement
  • Fire
  • Transportation
  • Emergency Medical Services
  • Towing
  • Public Works
  • Haz-Mat Disciplines

Every day, first responders risk their lives to keep our highways safe and clear. Together, Oregon’s responder community can shape the next generation of Traffic Incident Management. Encourage your agency and community members to learn about Oregon’s TIM program and promote safe, quick clearance of roadway incidents.

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Darin Weaver

Incident Management Coordinator