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Golden Hills Wind Project

Facility: The Golden Hills Wind Project is a wind energy facility that is currently approved to build up to 267 wind turbines with a peak generating capacity of 400 megawatts.

Status (Approved): Construction has not begun. Amendment 3 consists of the following changes:

(1) extend the construction start and completion deadlines by two years,
(2) Reduce the number of turbines used at the site to 125 from 267, and change the allowed turbine height and rotor diameter in response to improvements in turbine technology.
(3) Modify related and supporting facilities including eliminating the previously approved western substation and 500 kilovolt (kV) transmission line and extending the 230 kV transmission line to connect to the BPA grid near the existing Klondike substation. The single remaining substation would be relocated to a more central location within the site boundary.
(4) Amend the site boundary to remove approximately 2,800 acres of previously included land that is no longer needed for the facility and add approximately 122.5 acres to the site boundary.

Comments on the proposed order or requests for contested case must be received by ODOE by October 7, 2016 at 5 p.m. 

Location: Sherman County, near the town of Wasco. (​Map)
Site Certificate Holder: Golden Hills Wind Farm, LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of Orion Renewable Energy Group LLC.
Contact Information 
Ryan McGraw, Orion Renewable Energy Group
Maxwell Woods
155 Grand Ave., Suite 706
625 Marion St.
Oakland, CA 94612
Salem, OR 97301
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Project Status (Table details will be updated as project progresses)
Amendment 3
Request for Amendment #3: An amendment may be requested to extend the deadline for beginning or completing construction. An amendment must also be requested to design, construct or operate a facility in a manner different from the description in the site certificate if the proposed change 1) could result in a not previously addressed significant adverse impact to a resource protected by Council standards, 2) could impair the certificate holder’s ability to comply with site certificate conditions, or 3) could require a new condition or change to a condition in the site certificate.
The supplemental information report supports and augments the request for amendment, and combined with the request for amendment #3 document, forms the amendment request.
Dec. 17, 2015

March 18, 2016
 Dec. 29, 2015
Deadline to submit public comments on the request for amendment #3
March 4, 2016
Proposed Order: The proposed order includes findings of fact, recommended conclusions regarding compliance with council standards and recommended site certificate changes for construction, operation and retirement of the facility required due to the amendment requested.
Sept. 6, 2016
Deadline to submit public comments on the proposed order
Oct. 7, 2016
Contested Case: A contested case is not automatic. Any person may request that the council hold a contested case proceeding on the proposed order. Under OAR 345-027-0070(6), a contested case request must be in writing and include (1) a description of the issue(s) the person is contesting; (2) a statement of the facts the person believes to be at issue; and (3) the person’s mailing and e-mail addresses. Issues identified must be within the council’s jurisdiction and relate to an applicable siting standard. Under 345-027-0070(7), the council will approve a request for a contested case only if the request raises a significant issue of fact or law within the council’s jurisdiction that may affect its determination that the facility, with the change proposed by the amendment, meets an applicable standard.
Contested case hearing
Hearing officer recommended contested case order
Final Order and Site Certificate: Following the comment period for the proposed order and any contested case proceeding, the council decides whether to issue an amended site certificate. The council grants an amended site certificate if at least four members of the council agree that the amendment meets all council standards. The council issues its decision to amend the site certificate in a final order on the amendment. No public comment is taken on this project at the council meeting.
Council meeting
Public notice
 Final Order on amendment #3
 Amended Site Certificate
Project Status (Table details will be updated as project progresses)
Complete Application: An application for a site certificate includes a detailed description of the proposed facility and the anticipated impacts on the site and surrounding area. The applicant must address the council’s application requirements and demonstrate how the proposed facility complies with the council’s standards. An application is preliminary until ODOE finds it complete. A complete application is required for the council to make findings and impose conditions on all applicable council standards. ODOE may request additional information as needed during its review of the complete application. 
Complete application with supplement (Addendum)
Exhibit A, Applicant Information
Exhibit B, Project Description (Addendum)
Exhibit C, Property Location and Maps (Addendum)  
Exhibit D, Organizational Information
Exhibit E, Permits Required (Addendum)
Exhibit F, Property Ownership (not available) (Addendum)
Exhibit G, Materials Analysis
Exhibit H, Geology and Soil Stability (Addendum)
Exhibit I, Soils (Addendum)
Exhibit J, Wetlands (Addendum)
Exhibit K, Land Use (Addendum)
Exhibit L, Protected Areas (Addendum)
Exhibit M, Financial Analysis (Addendum)
Exhibit N, Non-generating Facility Information
Exhibit O, Water Requirements (Addendum)
Exhibit P, Fish Wildlife Habitat (Addendum)
Exhibit Q, Threatened and Endangered Plants and Animals
Exhibit R, Scenic Aesthetic Values (Addendum)
Exhibit S, Cultural Resources (Addendum)
Exhibit T, Recreational Facilities (Addendum)
Exhibit U, Public Services
Exhibit V, Waste Minimization
Exhibit W, Site Restoration (Addendum)
Exhibit X, Noise (Addendum)
Exhibit Y, Carbon Dioxide Emissions (not applicable)
Exhibit Z, Cooling Towers (not applicable) 
Exhibit AA, EMFs – Electric and Magnetic Fields
Exhibit BB, Other Information
Exhibit CC, Additional Statutes Rules Ordinances
Exhibit DD, Other Specific Standards

Amended site certificate: Transferred ownership to Orion Golden Hills and extended the construction start time to June 18, 2016 and construction completion time to June 18, 2019.
Final order on amendment #2

​Feb. 11, 2015


Jan. 30, 2015

Site certificate amendment #1: Extended the start of construction deadline to June 18, 2014 and completion of construction to June 18, 2017.
May 18, 2012
May 11, 2012
June 18, 2009
May 15, 2009