The Board is engaged in an important endeavor to improve the educational requirements for licensure. It is presently exploring the adoption of APA accreditation as the standard for education in Oregon.


Events & Materials

  • Education Summit- November 23, 2013, 10am-1pm (Grand Hotel, Bridgeport).

The public was invited to provide testimony regarding perspectives on APA accreditation.  Representatives form several programs presented their viewpoints and experiences with the accreditation process. The Board encouraged all attendees to share any data that may assist in the Board’s decision-making process.

Education Summit Presentation

  • Board Meeting- January 17, 2014 (Salem, OR).

During public session of the regular meeting, the Board debriefed on the Education Summit and discussed some important points that were brought up by those who contributed to the discussion.

Education Summit Takeaways       Accreditation References       Meeting Minutes

  • Board Meeting- March 21, 2014 (Salem, OR).

The Board again discussed APA accreditation during public session of the regular meeting.  A workgroup consisting of staff and Education Committee members was tasked with further exploration and research. 

Meeting Agenda

  • Education Committee Meeting- April 18, 2014 (Salem, OR).
The Committee determined to move forward with a proposal that will adopt APA accreditation as the standard, and present it to the full Board at the May meeting.  The committee began discussing what the proposal should look like.
  • Education Committee Meeting- April 28, 2014 (Salem, OR).
The Committee will discuss policy implications and review administrative rule language drafted by staff. 
  • Board Meeting- May 30, 2014 (Salem, OR).
The Board will review the work of the Education Committee and determine whether to move forward.