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Become a Supervisor

Supervisor Registry

The registry is a list of Oregon licensed psychologists who are available to provide supervision services to residents, with information about their training and experience in the area of supervision.  To be a supervisor, you need to have been licensed and in active or semi-active status for at least 2 years. A supervisor must be competent in the clinical specialty areas in which the resident will be practicing and with the populations with whom the resident will be providing psychological services.

  • The Supervisor Registry is integrated into the Licensee Search function.  To search for supervisors, you can check the box to "only show results with supervisors."  The online profile lists the supervisor's supervisory training, specialties, and languages spoken.
  • Licensees apply for placement on the registry by logging into the Licensee Portal and clicking the "Supervisor Registry Application" link from the left-side menu.

Residency Supervisor Training

Orientation to Residency Supervision- this is a self-paced training for psychologists who supervise residents in Oregon.  At the end there is a short quiz.  Three hours of CE credit will be awarded upon completion of this training.
Helpful Documents:

Disciplinary Supervision

Disciplinary supervision is a remediation requirement that results from Board discipline of a licensee.  The supervision requires the supervisor and licensee to focus on areas where the supervisee has experienced problems. These areas could include maintaining appropriate boundaries, conflict of interest, informed consent in assessments, and recordkeeping.
How it works:
  • If a Board investigation of a licensed psychologist, psychologist associate, temporary practitioner, or resident results in disciplinary action, an Order is issued by the Board itemizing the Board's disciplinary actions.
  • If the Order requires disciplinary supervision, generally the respondent proposes a disciplinary supervisor for Board approval.
  • The Board sends a letter of engagement to the Disciplinary Supervisor, and disciplinary supervision commences per the terms of the Order.
  • Upon completion of the minimal requirements of the Order, the Licensee and Disciplinary Supervisor may request termination of the disciplinary supervision.


  • Sample Letter of Engagement. For information purposes only. An example of a letter received by the Disciplinary Supervisor from the Board with information pertaining to the Disciplinary Supervision.
  • Sample Authorization and Release. An Authorization and Release is required for Disciplinary Supervision.  A Disciplinary Supervisor may use the same Authorization form as used in their practice, or use this Template as a base for the Authorization.
  • Sample Supervision Plan. A Supervision Plan is required for Disciplinary Supervision.  A Disciplinary Supervisor may use this Template as a base for the Supervision Plan.
  • Quarterly Report Form. To be completed by the Disciplinary Supervisor, signed by the Licensee, and submitted to the Board every quarter.
  • Example Request by Licensee to Terminate Disciplinary Supervision. For information purposes only. An example of a letter to be submitted by Licensee requesting to terminate Disciplinary Supervision.
  • Example Recommendation by Disciplinary Supervisor. For information purposes only. An example of a letter for termination recommendation to be submitted by Disciplinary Supervision.

Additional Resources: