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Change License Status

License Statuses

  • Active status- For licensees who are actively practicing psychology in Oregon.
  • Semi-Active status- For licensees who are actively practicing psychology in Oregon for no more than 20 client contact hours per week.  The licensee must be at least 62 years of age to qualify for this status.  The continuing education (CE) requirement is the same as for an active status license.
  • Inactive status- For licensees not currently practicing psychology in Oregon.  No CE is required.

Non-Licensed Statuses

  • Retired status- For licensees who have retired from the practice of psychology in Oregon.
  • Lapsed status- The license is lapsed due to non-renewal of the license.  The person may not practice psychology in Oregon.

How to Change Status

  • To change from active or semi-active status to active, semi-active, inactive or retired status:
    • When you receive your Renewal Notice and Affidavit, simply check the appropriate box under "change in status" and pay the appropriate fee; or
    • Make a written request to the Board.
  • To change from inactive status to active or semi-active status, you will need to submit a Reactivation Request Form.
  • To change from retired or lapsed status to active, semi-active or inactive status:

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