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License Status

License Statuses

  • Active status- For licensees who are actively practicing psychology in Oregon.
  • Semi-Active status- For licensees who are actively practicing psychology in Oregon for no more than 20 client contact hours per week.  The licensee must be at least 62 years of age to qualify for this status.  The continuing education (CE) requirement is the same as for an active status license.
  • Inactive status- For licensees not currently practicing psychology in Oregon.  No CE is required. See below for more info.

Non-Licensed Statuses

  • Retired status- For licensees who have retired from the practice of psychology in Oregon.
  • Lapsed status- The license is lapsed due to non-renewal of the license.  The person may not practice psychology in Oregon.

How to Change Status

  • Status Change at Renewal.  
    • When you go to renew your license, at Step 1 (Change of License Status), check the box: "Select to change your license status" and select the license status you wish to change to.  Your license status will update on the first day of your newly renewed license period.
    • When you reactivate your license (change from inactive status to active or semi-active status), your online renewal will include a "Reactivation Info." step.  See requirements below, under "Inactive Status License"
    • If you are past 30 days but within 60 days of your last renewal due date, your online renewal will include a "Reinstatement" step with mandatory questions and payment of the required reinstatement fee.
    • If you are past 60 days of your last renewal due date, you will need to reapply for licensure.
  • Status Change Outside of Renewal.
    • You may reactivate your license (change from inactive status to active or semi-active status) outside of renewal when you are not within 45 days before or 60 days after your next renewal due date.  
    • Go to the Licensee Portal and select "Reactivate License" from the left side menu.
    • Submit a written request to the Board for other status changes outside of renewal (

Inactive Status License

  • Licensees who are on inactive status may not practice psychology in the State of Oregon.
  • Licensees must indicate inactive status in representations to the public. OAR 858-010-0062
    • Inactive status psychologists must only designate their licensure status as “inactive psychologist” or “inactive licensed psychologist." 
    • Inactive status psychologist associates must only designate their licensure status as “inactive psychologist associate” or “inactive licensed psychologist associate.”
  • There is no continuing education (CE) required for those on or changing to inactive status, but note that CE is required in order to reactivate.
  • License Reactivation.  Please carefully review the requirements:
    • Document completion of continuing education (CE) activities which at a minimum meet the requirements described in OAR 858-040-0015 within the 24 month period immediately preceding the requested date of request.  In other words, the normal CE requirements for renewal apply (including 40 total hours), and must be completed within the previous 24 months.
      *** Even if you are a new licensee, the CE requirement still applies for reactivation.***
    • Describe the professional activities that you have engaged in (if any) during the time your license has been on inactive status.
    • If you reactivate outside of renewal, you will pay a prorated difference in licensure fee that accounts for the remainder of your current renewal period, and complete a prorated amount of CE for the date of reactivation through the end of your CE reporting period.  Your approval email will indicate the necessary hours.
    • If your license has been inactive for more than five years, you will need to also need to pass the Oregon Jurisprudence Exam. You will receive an email with exam information following submission of your request.