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Mentoring Resources and Research


  • Oregon Revised Statutes (ORS) 329  This link provides the most recent Statutes regarding the mentoring program. Please reference ORS 329.788, 329.790, 329.795, 329.800, 329.805, 329.810, 329.815, 329.820 for laws specific to the mentoring program.

  • Oregon Administrative Rule 581-018 This link provides the most recent Administrative rules regarding the mentoring program. Please reference OARs 581-018-0130 through 581-018-0151 for rules specific to the mentoring program.
  • Oregon Mentoring Program Standards Mentoring Program Standards describe the structures and functions, processes, and effective practices necessary for a quality program. Effective mentoring is foundational to a quality program. An essential element of a mentoring program is a professional mentor who understands and utilizes the skills, strategies and tools necessary for the continuous development of teachers and administrators. 
Model Analysis Tools
The Oregon Mentor Models Analysis Tool is designed to highlight the benefits and challenges of each of the models. The model(s) that best fits the needs, capacity, resources, goals and vision of the project will be identified.

Southern Oregon Mentor Consotium Blended Model Draft - Beginning educators work with a full-release mentor AND receive support from inbuilding/district colleague mentor.

Oregon Mentoring Program Foundational Standards Protocol Process

The Oregon Mentoring Program Foundational Standards Protocol is used when a district leadership team is developing or reflecting on their current mentoring project both as:
a pre-assessment for mentoring project staff, and talking-points during a review of the completed Program Foundational Standards Protocol with district leadership team. 

Commitment Letter Templates

Mentoring Impact Information


Students in Oregon deserve absolutely the best principals and teachers we can give them. The Oregon Mentoring Program can help make that happen. Fifty percent of beginning teachers leave the profession in their first five years. The Oregon Mentoring Program can change that. Teachers who have been mentored have greater gains in student achievement than teachers who have not been mentored. For the sake of the students, Mentoring Works! 

Fast Facts
Mentoring Fast Facts are based on data collected, summarized, and analyzed from various data sources including Oregon Department of Education data collections and annual surveys sent to the six groups involved with the school district mentoring programs. If you would like more information, please contact us.
Research Briefs
Samples of communication documents 
Examples of district/consortium planning templates.
Information on various mentoring project templates, observation tools and technology that can be used to move mentoring practice forward. 

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