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Access Management

The Oregon Department of Transportation manages access to the state highway system based on

  • State law
  • Engineering principles and
  • Objective standards.

These guidelines are used to balance the economic development needs of property abutting the highway system, with the need to maintain safe and efficient operation of the system.

The information and application forms you need for the application process are below.


​ODOT requires a highway approach permit because state law, ORS 374.305(1), requires anyone wanting to construct a new approach or change the use of an existing connection to first obtain written permission from ODOT.


The approach permit application process is fairly complex. Before completing the Application for State Highway Approach form, please read these brochures for an overview of the process and timeline.


An optional pre-application meeting is an opportunity to discuss your proposed approach and to learn about the application process and required information. An applicant may request a pre-application meeting prior to submitting an approach permit application by completing a Pre-Application Meeting Request form and contacting the delegated local ODOT District office. 

Application for State Highway Approach

The application materials include additional information and instructions for completing an application for a private approach to a state highway.


Access Rights

It may be important to know about access rights and access control if you own property bordering a highway. State law prevents ODOT from issuing a highway approach permit if a property does not have a right of access. If you own property where there is access control, it is important to know about Reservations of Access, Grants of Access and Indentures of Access. You can find more information on access rights and access control in this brochure:

Application for a Grant of Access

The application materials include additional information and instructions.

Application for an Indenture of Access

The application materials provide additional information and instructions.

Change of Use

Changing the use of a driveway connection is regulated by state law. A change of use may occur when the number of vehicles using a driveway increases or it no longer operates safely.

Engineering Standards

If you plan to apply for a highway approach permit, it may help to know something about the three engineering standards ODOT uses to review an approach permit application. These brochures provide an overview of the engineering standards.

Safety and Operations Concerns

There are six safety and operations factors that ODOT may consider when evaluating a request for an approach permit. These brochures provide an overview of the reasons for these concerns.

ODOT Districts and Regions

Region 1 (District 2B & 2C)

Marty Jensvold;; 503-731-8219

Region 2 (District 1, 3, 4 & 5)

Duane Liner (Interim);; 541-757-4140

Region 3 (District 7 & 8)

Ron Hughes;; 541-957-3696

Region 4 (District 9, 10 & 11)

David Knitowski;; 541-388-6182

Region 5 (District 12, 13 & 14)

Jeff Wise;​; 541-963-1902

Contact the Access Management Unit

4040 Fairview Industrial Drive SE
Salem, Oregon 97302
Phone: 503-986-4372

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