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state_seal_color_174x126.jpgThe Psychiatric Security Review Board was established by the Legislature in 1977 to assume jurisdiction over adults who successfully assert the insanity defense to a crime and are a substantial danger to others. Its duties were expanded in 2007 to include jurisdiction of young persons found responsible except for insanity. In 2009, the Legislature added the responsibility of conducting gun relief hearings to determine whether persons with mental health determinations who are barred from possessing a firearm should have their firearm privileges restored.  The 2013 Legislative session expanded the Board's role in granting relief by designating it as the authority to hold hearings for those persons who have successfully asserted the guilty except for insanity defense and wish relief from reporting as a sex offender or reclassification of their risk designation.  Additionally, the Legislature provided Oregon courts the option of placing certain civilly committed individuals under the Board's jurisdiction for placement and supervision purposes.
July 2014
Media contact:  Juliet Follansbee, 503-229-5596
PSRB has a New/Updated Mission Statement
On June 3, 2014, the PSRB Board members, both the Adult Panel and the Juvenile Panel, convened for an administrative meeting.  At that time, among other items on the agenda, the Board members discussed the PSRB’s Mission Statement.  It had come to Executive Director Juliet Follansbee’s attention that the Mission Statement had not been substantially revised since its initial adoption in 1978, despite significant shifts in tends and focus in the intervening years.  In order to modernize the PSRB’s Mission Statement, Executive Director Follansbee drafted a new, proposed mission statement reflecting the shift in the Board’s focus to include patient-centered concerns and goals as well as a focus on the safety and protection of the public in the community.
The Board reviewed the proposed draft of the new Mission Statement and made a unanimous decision to adopt that Mission Statement and replace the original Mission Statement.
The previous Mission Statement was:
The Psychiatric Security Review Board’s mission is to protect the public through the ongoing review of the progress of “guilty except for insanity” (GEI) adults, “responsible except for insanity” (REI) youth, “civilly committed extremely dangerous individuals” and a determination of their appropriate placements, as well as through hearings to decide whether persons with mental health determinations should have their federal and State firearm privileges restored, and whether GEI adults required to register as sex offender shall be relieved of that obligation or have their risk designation reduced.
The newly adopted Mission Statement, effective as of June 2014, reads as follows:
The Psychiatric Security Review Board’s mission is to protect the public by working with partnering agencies to ensure persons under its jurisdiction receive the necessary services and support to reduce the risk of future dangerous behavior using recognized principles of risk assessment, victims’ interest and person centered care.
Anyone who has questions should call PSRB staff at 503-229-5596.
Scheduled Hearing Days (Panel) Location:
     August 6 (Adult) OSH
     August 11 (Juvenile) Administrative Matters Only
     August 13 (Adult) PSRB
     August 20 (Adult) OSH
     September 8 (Juvenile) OSH
     September 10 (Adult) OSH
     September 24 (Adult) OSH
     October 1 (Adult) OSH
     October 6 (Juvenile) OSH
     October 8 (Adult) OSH
     October 22 (Adult) OSH
Upcoming Administrative Meetings:

          December 2, 2014 -- 6:30 P.M. (Joint Panel)

          Psychiatric Security Review Board
          Conference Room
          610 SW Alder, Suite 420
          503-229-5596  --  Call to be admitted if building doors are secured.