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APD Medicaid Long-Term Care Programs and Operations


The Department of Human Services Aging and People with Disabilities (APD) program assists seniors and people with disabilities of all ages to achieve well-being through opportunities for community living, employment, family support and services that promote independence, choice and dignity


We help aging and people with disabilities:

  • remain as independent as possible;
  • sustain the supports needed to maintain quality lives in their home communities;
  • honor choices made by them about their own lives;
  • by promoting value-driven commitments in statute and policy; and
  • by partnering with advocacy groups, commissions and councils, local government partners, and community organizations.

Resource Book

A History of Oregon's Unique Long-Term-Care System
Oregon's Unique Long-Term-Care System
Resource Book - AAA-APD Field Delivery System Map
Resource Book - APD New Entry Analysis
Resource Book - APD Staffing
Resource Book - APD-LTSS Programs and Operations