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​The Oregon Department of Ag​riculture (ODA) Natural Resources Program oversees the conservation district elections process. Elections for SWCD directors occur every two years. The next General Election is scheduled for November 5, 2024​.

Candidates and districts must follow specific guidelines to advertise the elections and to have candidates’ applications processed and placed on the ballot. ODA notifies the districts and county clerks which positions are to be on the ballot for election, the procedures to follow, and deadlines needing to be met.

Candidates and districts are responsible to submit the appropriate paperwork to the local county clerk and to ODA. ​​​

2024 important dates for elections

​Description of Event
​8:00 a.m.
July 18, 2024
​First day for district candidate to file Declaration of Candidacy​ and Petition for Nomination Signature Sheet with ODA. Forms received before this date will be returned to the candidate.
ORS 255.235
(40 days before final filing date)​

​Within 3 days of spending or receiving money, but no later than when completed petition is filed. 
​Candidates expecting to receive or expend more than $750, but less than $3,500, must file the required forms with the Oregon Secretary of State’s office within three business days of receiving or spending money, but no later than when the completed petition is filed.
​ORS 260.035​

​5:00 p.m. 
August 27, 2024
​Last day for district candidate to file the Declaration of Candidacy and Petition for Nomination Signature Sheet forms with ODA no later than 5:00 p.m.

Last day for district candidate to file the Withdrawal of Candidacy​ form for general election with ODA no later than 5:00 p.m.
ORS 568.520
(70 days before 
​August 28, 2024
​First day for district candidate to file the Declaration of Intent and Request for Write-In Votes to be Tallied​ form with ODA.ORS 568.530
​October 22, 2024
​Last day for district candidate to file Declaration of Intent and Request For Write-In Votes to be Tallied form with ODA no later than 5:00 p.m.
ORS 568.530
​(14 days before 

​November 5, 2024
​Election Day
ORS 254.056
​January 1, 2025
​First day newly elected directors may take the Oath of Office after receiving election certificates.
Oregon Constitution 
Article XV, Section 3

Requirements for eligibility

The eligibility requirements for district directors was significantly changed i​n SB 775, which was passed in 2023. Please note that as of January 1, 2024, all zone directors must reside in the zone in which they represent. For the purposes of director eligibility, residency refers to the place in which the candidate is registered to vote.

Candidates for At Large positions must reside within the boundaries of the SWCD and be a registered voter in that district. 

The other positions on the SWCD boards are Zone positions. Zone directors must be a registered voter and reside within the zone they represent. In counties with fewer than 250,000 residents,​ eligibility requirements also include: 

  1. Own or manage 10 or more acres of land in the zones they represent in the district and be involved in the active management of the land; or
  2. Indicate an interest in natural resource conservation as demonstrated by serving at least one year as a director or associated director of a district and having a conservation plan that is approved by the district.

Currently, the following five counties have populations over 250,000 residents and zone directors only need to be a registered voter and reside in the zone they represent without the above additional requirements:

  • Clackamas (Clackamas SWCD)
  • Lane (Upper Willamette and Siuslaw SWCDs)
  • Marion (Marion SWCD)
  • Multnomah (East Multnomah and West Multnomah SWCDs)
  • Washington (Tualatin SWCD)

Find your SWCD and zone

Put your address in the search bar of the SW​CD interactive map page​ to find your SWCD and zone within your district.  ​​

Requisitos de elegibilidad 

Los requisitos de elegibilidad para los directores de distrito se modificó significativamente en SB 775, que se aprobó en 2023. Tenga en cuenta que, a partir del 1 de enero de 2024, todos los directores de zona deberán residir en la zona a la que representan. A efectos de elegibilidad de los directores, la residencia se refiere al lugar en el que el candidato está registrado para votar. 

Los candidatos a puestos generales deben residir dentro de los límites del SWCD y estar inscritos como votantes en ese distrito. 

Los otros puestos en las juntas del SWCD son puestos de Zona. Los directores de zona deben estar inscritos en el censo electoral y residir en la zona que representan. En los condados con menos de 250,000 residentes, los requisitos de elegibilidad también incluyen: 

  1. Poseer o gestionar 10 o más acres de tierra en las zonas que representan en el distrito y estar involucrados en la gestión activa de la tierra; o 
  2. Indicar un interés en la conservación de los recursos naturales, como lo demuestra el haber servido al menos un año como director o director asociado de un distrito y tener un plan de conservación aprobado por el distrito. 

En la actualidad, los cinco condados siguientes tienen una población superior a 250,000 habitantes y los directores de zona solo necesitan estar inscritos en el censo electoral y residir en la zona que representan, sin los requisitos adicionales mencionados: 

  • Clackamas (SWCD de Clackamas) 
  • Lane (SWCD de Upper Willamette y Siuslaw) 
  • Marion (SWCD de Marion) 
  • Multnomah (SWCD de East Multnomah y West Multnomah) 
  • Washington (SWCD de Tualatin) 

Paquete​ para candidatos para las elecciones de Directores del SWCD 2024

Encuentre su SWCD y su zona 

Ponga su dirección en la barra de búsqueda de la página del mapa interactivo del SWCD para encontrar su SWCD y zona dentro de su distrito. ​

Additional information

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Phone: 503-986-4704
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SWCD Operations Specialist
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