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​Oregon’s Soil and Water Conservation Districts (SWCD) are special districts which provide for the conservation of the renewable resources of the state. They work with local landowners and residents, natural resource organizations, natural resource users, and local, state, and the federal government to conserve natural resources, control and prevent soil erosion, conserve and develop water resources and water quality, preserve wildlife, conserve natural beauty, and promote collaborative conservation efforts to protect and enhance healthy watershed functions. SWCDs in Oregon are governed by an independently elected board of directors.​​​​​​​

The Oregon Department of Agriculture's SWCD Program provides services to the 45 Soil and Water Conservation Districts throughout Oregon. These services include technical support and limited administrative oversight, with the intent of reducing both liability and risk to the SWCDs and the Oregon Department of Agriculture.

Find your SWCD and region​

  • Put your address in the search bar of the SWCD m​ap pag​e​ to find your district and region​. 
  • For information about each of Oregon's SWCDs, see the SWCD Directory​, updated June 12​​​​, 2024​. ​ 

Training opportunities

The Oregon Department of Agriculture Soil and Water Conservation District Program offers trainings to help support district operations, directors, and staff. Our staff is also available to provide operational technical assistance by phone, email, or in person. Please contact us with questions. This training fac​t sheet​ provides a list of available​ topics and services​. 

Recent training materials, presentations, and recordings can be found in the trainings section​ of this website.​  ​​


Kevin Fenn
Program Manager
Phone: 503-510-8214
Sandi Hiatt
SWCD Grants Administrator
Phone: 503-986-4704
Alt Phone: 971-301-3605
Eric Nusbaum
SWCD Operations Specialist
Phone: 503-510-8930
Karin Stutzman
SWCD Program Lead
Phone: 971-304-8312
​​ ​​