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​​​All funds obtained by a conservation district, regardless of the source, are public funds, whether they come from public or private sources including grants. Directors have a fiduciary responsibility to ensure that these public funds are expended in a proper and lawful manner.

Commonly requested examples relating to financial management are available below. These are samples of other districts' work and are not recommendations. Any examples downloaded will need to be customized and edited to your district's needs. Additional examples may be available by contacting the SWCD Program.


District Loan Authorization Procedure

Loan authorization process

Example Financial Management Resolution & Policy

Example financial management resolution and policy

Fact Sheet: SWCD Financial Management

SWCD Financial Management handout

Proof of tax-exempt status information

Tax-exempt status information for SWCDs

Sample Conservation District Financial Policies & Procedures

Sample financial policies & procedures

Sample request for proposal for auditing services

Auditing request proposal sample



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SWCD Operations Specialist
Phone: 503-510-8930