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Soil Health

​​​​​​​​​​Tell us about your barriers to adopt soil-health practices

Barriers to adopting soil health practices can be wide-ranging. ODA and other organizations need to know the barriers for producers to adopting soil-health practices around Oregon to effectively allocate resources. Please let us know the barriers to adopting soil-health practices.
Barriers can include: 
  • climate conditions (e.g., drought limiting your production systems);
  • financial (e.g., cannot afford new machinery); 
  • financial risks (e.g., effects on my cash crop are unclear); 
  • insurance limitations
  • lack of knowledge about soil health, what soil health practices you should implement, and technical knowledge to operate specific machinery; 
  • production system limits potential changes to improved soil health practices; 
  • regulatory conditions; 
  • societal (“no one else is doing this practice, why should I?”). 
Please be as descriptive as possible. 

​Tell us about soil health research you would like to see in Oregon​

Learning what soil practices work best will require trial and error. At ODA, we want to help fund research that meets the needs of Oregon producers. Let us know what research questions you want to see addressed regarding soil health in Oregon, including how soil health relates to your crop’s health. Your input also will help indicate the need for increased funding to help solve critical questions in Oregon agriculture. ​

What questions do you have that you think research could answer?

​Tell us about the current practices on your farm

We as an agricultural community can only learn from each other if we know what soil-health practices are working around Oregon. We want to hear from Oregon's diverse farms and production systems of all sizes. Please help us learn about what you and others are doing around the state.​ 



Wym Matthews
Program Manager
Fertilizer Program
Phone: 503-986-4792