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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Maintenance of channels used for agricultural drainage is critical to the viability of Oregon’s farms and ranches. Because of legislation passed in 2019 (HB 2​437) ​specific maintenance activities may be eligible for a Notice (ORS 196.906 – 196.919​, OAR 603-095-4000 to 603-095-4060), from the Oregon Department of Agriculture (ODA) instead of a Removal-Fill Permit from the Oregon Department of State Lands (DSL).

  • The Notice provides a streamlined process by which landowners and water districts may, without paying a fee, maintain eligible agricultural channels.
  • The four requirements of the Notice require channels:
    • Be routinely maintained to facilitate draining related to agriculture;
    • Could provide​ drainage in the last five years;
    • Dry at the time of work; and
    • Not ESH (Essential Indigenous Anadromous Salmonid habitat).​​
  • Maintenance must:
    • Protect, maintain, or improves ecological functions of the channels;
    • Uphold state objectives for fish recovery; and
    • Protects wetlands, waterways, and fish and wildlife habitats.
  • ​Once validated by ODA, a Notice ​is good for five years.

For activities that don’t meet the requirements of a Notice, see information from DSL​.

You must have a validated Notice or a DSL permit prior to maintaining channels.

See the Agricultural Drainage Channel Maintenance Program Before You File document for information about eligible channels as well as what you need to know before you file a Notice.

Check your eligibilty for the program 

Use ODA's online mapping tool to check your eligibility for the Agricultural Drainage Channel Maintenance Program. This tool will allow you to enter an address and view wetland and waterway status, Essential Salmonid Habitat classification, and work window, or Regional Dry Maintenance Time Period. 

Email program specialist​ Brittany Mills, or call 971.218.1409 if you have questions. 

Validated ODA Notices


Submission of forms does not guarantee validation or approval.

Notice of agricultural channel maintenance form:​ 

​​​​Submit your Notice at least 60 days before you want to start work.

  • ODA has 45 work days in which to validate your notice.
  • Both ODA and the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife (ODFW) will review the notice for eligibility and to determine if any additional conditions are needed to protect water quality, fish, and/or wildlife.
  • ODA and ODFW may contact you to schedule a site visit.
  • ODA and ODFW may consult with staff from DSL to determine final project conditions or prohibitions.

Variance request forms:

  • At times a landowner or water district may need a variance from the default mandatory conditions in the Notice.
  • There are two forms: one for requests to work outside the Regional Dry Maintenance Time Period and one for all other Mandatory Conditions​.
  • Once a complete variance request is filed, ODA will consult with ODFW to approve or deny the request.
  • The variance form must be approved by ODA before that work begins.
  • A variance form may be filed with a Notice when you anticipate the need for a variance.

Expedited review request form:

  • When an emergency occurs and you require a quick review of the Notice, you may use the Expedited Review form. An emergency is a natural or human-caused circumstance that poses an immediate threat to public health, safety, or substantial property.
  • If an emergency is not eligible for this notification process, you must contact DSL for an emergency permit.​

ESH (Essential Indigenous Anadromous Salmonid Habitat) review request form:​  

  • If you do not agree with the ESH designation, you may submit the ESH review request form to ODA.
  • ODA will coordinate with DSL and ODFW during the review. This process will take some time, and a decision may not be made until the nex​t maintenance season. See map at​


Agricultural Drainage Channel Maintenance Memorandum of Understanding

ODA-DSL-ODFW Memorandum of Understanding

Agricultural Drainage Channel Maintenance Program Brochure

Brochure about the program

Agricultural Drainage Channel Maintenance Program Legislative Report

2021 report
2023 report

Agricultural Drainage Channel Maintenance: Manual of Best Management Practices

Manual of best practices handout

Agricultural Drainage Maintenance Program Flyer

Flyer about the program

Guidelines for Stream and Ditch Maintenance

Stream and ditch maintenance handout

Stream and Ditch Maintenance Regulations: Oregon departments of Agriculture, State Lands

Streamside areas handout

Waterways and Wetlands: Department of State Lands Permits and Authorizations

Information regarding removal-fill permits. Waterways & Wetlands webpage



​ODA contact​

Brittany Mills
Agricultural Drainage Channel Maintenance Specialist
Phone: 971-218-1409

General Program Information

Email ODA

Phone: 503-986-4700

ODFW contact

Nancy Taylor

Agricultural Drainage Channel Maintenance Coordinator
Phone: 503-947-6099

DSL contacts

Aquatic Resource Coordinator (by county)
Phone: 503-986-5200
Staff contact directory

Email notifications​

To receive updates via email, sign up for the Ag Channel Maintenance subscription list​.