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When a district hires an employee, the district is subject to the legal responsibilities of being an employer. There are a number of required personnel obligations and compliance requirements ranging from hiring practices to tax reporting. It is important to have well defined district policies and procedures, trained staff, and directors knowledgeable in personnel matters.

Because of the complexities of employing others, conservation districts should consult as many resources as possible. For specific questions, conservation districts should consult legal counsel or a personnel management professional.

Commonly requested examples relating to personnel management are available below. These are samples of other districts' work and are not recommendations. Any examples downloaded will need to be customized and edited to your district's needs. Additional examples are available by contacting the SWCD Program.


Oregon Business Guide: Employer's Guide for Doing Business in Oregon

Oregon Employer's Guide

​​Tools and examples

Employee vs. Independent Contractor, IRS 20 Factors Test

IRS 20 Factors Test

Example: East Multnomah SWCD's Seven Questions for 1-on-1 Staff Meetings

Example questions for SWCD 1-on-1 staff meetings

Example: Jackson SWCD employee salary range

SWCD salary range example

Example: Jackson SWCD personnel policy

SWCD personnel policy example

Fact Sheet: SWCD District as Employer

SWCD District as Employer handout

Oregon OSHA's Quick Guide to Safety Committees and Safety Meetings

OSHA safety committees and meetings guide

Volunteer Agreement with Workers Compensation

Volunteer workers compensation agreement

Volunteer Agreement without Workers Compensation

Volunteer agreement without workers compensation

Job descriptions

Example: Clackamas SWCD office coordinator job description

SWCD office coordinator job description

Example: Jackson SWCD natural resource conservationist job description

SWCD job description example

Example: Marion SWCD assistant bookkeeper/front office job description

SWCD job description example

Example: Yamhill SWCD district manager job description

SWCD district manager job description example



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