State forests offers some of the best Off-Highway Vehicle (OHV) trails in the Pacific Northwest. The Browns Camp, Jordan Creek, and Diamond Mill OHV areas alone provide more than 250 miles of riding opportunity through some of the more scenic areas of the forest.

OHV areas include trails for motorcycle, quad, and four-wheel drive enthusiasts that range from easy to challenging. The trails in the Diamond Mill area are mostly single track trails for motorcycle use only.

In addition to trails, the Browns Camp, Jordan Creek and Diamond Mill campgrounds and staging areas provide overnight and day use opportunities. Day use is free unless you are occupying a campsite. *Please note that side-by-side ATVs such as the Yamaha Rhino, the Kawasaki Mule, and the Polaris Ranger series are considered Class IV ATVs and are only allowed to operate on the trails designated and signed for their use.

For more specific information about recreation on the Tillamook State Forest, visit the Tillamook State Forest blog.

​​OHV trail reports

​​Trail # ​Trail Name Status​ Comments​
​All Trails Closed until further notice due to Regulated Use OPEN
​Trail # ​Trail Name ​Status ​Comments

Tuck and Roll                 Closed               Timber Sale

Plympton Creek West           Closed               Timber Sale

       Plympton Creek  10         Closed                 Timber Sale

Plympton Creek 20       Closed        Timber Sale

      Plympton Creek 50       Closed        Timber Sale      


Trail #​ Trail Name​ Status​ Comments​
5 ​Blockbuster ​Closed

This trail is closed for upgrades including a significant re-route.


​57 ​Pink Ribbon Trail ​Closed

​This trail is closed due to timber sale activity.


​Trail # ​Trail Name Status​ ​Comments
​Angry Elf ​Closed ​Closed due to timeber sale activity.
104​​ ​Radio Silence ​Closed ​Closed due to timeber sale activity.
113​​ ​Schwarz's ​Closed ​Closed due to timeber sale activity.
29​ ​Morrels Maze ​Closed Closed due to timeber sale activity.
50 Bat Bridge Closed Closed due to timber sale activity.
​42 ​Hembre Lookout Trail ​Closed ​This trail is closed due to an extreme hazard. This trail will remain closed until the north end of the trail can be re-routed away from the rock pit. Hembre Trail Closure Map​
​Trail # ​Trail Name ​Status ​Comments
​93 ​Mongos Trail ​Closed ​Closed due to a slide.




​Cedar Creek Bypass

Powerline 2

Jones Creek Road

​Closed ​Closed due to Timber sale activity. Bling_Ridge_Temp_Trail_Closures.pdf
​46 ​Reid's Ridge ​Closed ​Closed due to timber sale activity.
​71 ​Deer Fence ​Closed ​Closed due to timber sale activity.
​118 ​Stumpy ​Closed ​Closed due to timber sale activity.
Trail #​ ​Trail Name ​Status ​Comments
NA​ ​Stretch Creek ​Closed ​Trail closed due to storm damage.

OHV Specialist Contact Information

  • Tillamook State Forest (Browns Camp, Jordan Creek, Diamond Mill, Trask OHV Areas)
    • Jahmaal Rebb:  (503) 359-7463
    • Reid Brown:       (503) 815-7024
  • Clatsop State Forest (Nicolai Mountain OHV Area)
    • Astoria District OHV Specialist  (503) 325-5451

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