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Replacing a Commercial Driver License (CDL) or Permit (CLP)


If your driving privileges are not currently suspended or revoked in Oregon or another state, DMV will issue a replacement CDL if any of the following conditions are true:

  • Your license or permit is lost, stolen, mutilated or destroyed;
  • Your residence address changes and you choose to get a new card;
  • You have a name change;
  • You wish to change, add or delete any description, notation, photo or signature on the license;
  • You are exchanging a valid-without photo CDL for a CDL with a photograph;
  • You are replacing a CDL issued with an error;
  • You are obtaining a CDL after reinstatement of a suspension;
  • You are replacing a CDL confiscated by law enforcement or the courts; or
  • You are adding or removing a CDL endorsement or restriction (this does not include Farm or Motorcycle endorsement).
To Qualify/Apply

You must apply in person at a DMV office, and you must:

Additional testing and fees may be required if adding a CDL endorsement or removing a CDL restriction.

Replacing an Address Sticker

If your address sticker is mutilated or has become illegible and you still reside at the same address, you can request a replacement sticker at no cost by calling DMV at (503) 945-5000 or by submitting a driver-related online inquiry.
If you are only requesting a replacement address sticker do not complete another "Change of Address Notice".

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