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Outer Powell Transportation Safety Project - Current Construction

Construction Phase

Region 1: Portland metro and Hood River County (Portland, Multnomah)

​​Construction is currently underway to bring safety improvements to Outer Powell from SE 122nd to SE 136th avenues.


Construction Impacts

During construction, two-way traffic will be maintained on Powell Boulevard with some intermittent lane closures at night. A marked pedestrian path and striped bike lane is maintained in both directions, and all driveway access is maintained or temporarily accommodated.​

Construction Stages

Construction Staging.JPG


During construction, two-way traffic will be maintained on Powell Boulevard with some intermittent lane closures at night. A marked pedestrian path and striped bike lane is maintained in both directions, and all driveway access is maintained or temporarily accommodated.

Driveway Access

All driveway access will be maintained or temporarily accommodated during construction. Some temporary driveways will be provided at critical locations to maintain continuous access. To help motorists accessing businesses, blue tubular markers will be used to show the temporary access point. Garbage pickup, mail service, and other delivery vehicles (such as UPS or FedEx) will also be accommodated during construction. Lane closures may occur in these areas with flagging to continue the flow of traffic as needed. In some cases, public side streets will be closed to through traffic but will allow local access.

Bike & Pedestrian

A marked bike path and a pedestrian path will be maintained in both directions, with the exception of some bike lane closures of weekends and at night time. During these closures, bicyclists will be directed to share the road with other vehicles. In these cases, signage will be provided alerting travelers that the bike lane has ended, as well as signage stating “Bikes on Roadway.”

Pedestrian routes meeting ADA requirements will provide access to adjacent properties during construction. Along this path, sections of sidewalk may be closed and pedestrians diverted to a temporary pedestrian-accessible route in the roadway shoulder.

In all cases, a barrier will be placed between the pedestrian path and any work on the same side of the road. A striped bike lane will also be maintained, similar to what you see on Powell today.


TriMet bus routes will remain operational during construction, although bus stops within the project area may be relocated or closed temporarily. ODOT will work with TriMet to coordinate as we get closer to construction. Emergency vehicles and mobility will be accommodated throughout the project area during construction.


Residences and businesses adjacent to the project may experience construction noise throughout construction. Peak noise levels will range from 89 decibels to 96 decibels for those residences closest to the street, meaning that the level of noise is similar to that of a vacuum cleaner or motorcycle. This noise will be short term, done in the daytime, during peak construction hours.

Limited nighttime and weekend work, including utility work, tree removal and paving, will result in some noise as well. ODOT has obtained required noise variances in order to complete the work. ODOT and the contractor will work to minimize the noise as much as possible, but there will be unavoidable noise.
For concerns related to noise, use the 24-hour noise hotline: 971-673-5239

Meetings and Events

​Outer Powell Safety Walk – More information coming soon!​


​Construction of improvements on the south side is complete. Now, traffic is shifted to the south side of Powell Blvd while improvements are built on the north side. In summer 2020 all traffic will return to the permanent travel lanes on the north and south sides of Powell Boulevard while ODOT constructs the new center turn lane. Roadway construction is expected to be complete in fall 2020. ODOT will complete landscaping through the corridor after all the roadway improvements are complete.



ODOT is constructing roadway improvements on Powell Boulevard (US Highway 26) from SE 122nd Avenue to SE 136th Avenue. These safety improvements will reduce the frequency and severity of crashes and help vehicles, pedestrians, transit and bicyclists share the road with fewer conflicts. Roadway, bike and pedestrian safety improvements include:

  • Sidewalks where there are none now
  • Crosswalks so people can cross the road more safely
  • Mix of buffered, separated and sidewalk level bike lanes
  • Center turn lanes for cars, buses and trucks for safer turns and to reduce back-ups
  • Storm drains to prevent water from pooling on the road
  • Lighting for improved visibility
  • Enhanced pedestrian crossings with Rectangular Rapid Flashing Beacons to alert drivers that people are crossing the street
This is the first phase of the Outer Powell Transportation Safety Project. The second phase is currently in design and will bring safety improvements from I-205 to SE 122nd Avenue and SE 136th Avenue to just east of SE 174th Avenue (the Portland/Gresham city limits).


U.S. 26 | U.S. 26 SE 122nd Avenue to SE 136th Avenue in Portland

Cost and Funding

Project cost: $24,505,000 ​

Additional Information

​For ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) or Civil Rights Title VI accommodations, translation/interpretation services, or more information call 503-731-4128, TTY 800-735-2900 or Oregon Relay Service 7-1-1.

Si desea obtener información sobre este proyecto traducida al español, sírvase llamar al 503-731-4128.
Если вы хотите, чтобы информация об этом проекте была переведена на русский язык, пожалуйста, звоните по телефону 503-731-4128.

如果您想瞭解這個項目翻譯成 繁體中文 的相關資訊,請致電 503-731-4128.

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이 프로젝트에 관한 한국어로 된 자료 신청방법 전화: 503-731-4128.

Nếu quý vị muốn thông tin về dự án này được dịch sang tiếng Việt, xin gọi 503-731-4128.​

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