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Project Details

U.S. 26: Outer Powell Transportation Safety Project

Construction Phase

Region 1: Portland metro and Hood River County (Portland, Multnomah)

​​This project is constructing safety improvements on SE Powell Boulevard between SE 122nd and SE 136th Avenues. 

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Construction Impacts

​During construction, ODOT will maintain two-way traffic on Powell Boulevard with some intermittent nighttime lane closures. There will be a marked pedestrian path and striped bike lane in both directions during construction. We will maintain driveway access or temporarily accommodate vehicles in driveways when needed. Construction will happen in three stages.

Stage 1 of construction began spring 2019 and will continue through fall 2019. In this phase, all traffic is shifted to the north side of Powell Blvd while improvements are built on the south side.

Stage 2 of construction begins winter 2019 and will continue through summer 2020. In this phase, all traffic will be shifted to the south side of Powell Blvd while improvements are built on the north side.

Stage 3 of construction begins summer 2020 and will continue through fall 2020. In this phase, all traffic will return to the permanent travel lanes on the north and south sides of Powell Boulevard while ODOT constructs the new center turn lane.

ODOT will complete landscaping through the corridor after all the roadway improvements are complete.



The Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT) will construct roadway improvements on Powell Boulevard (US Highway 26) from SE 122nd Avenue to SE 136th Avenue. This project will address the high rate of collisions on Outer Powell for the past several years. The purpose of this project is to increase safety for people who walk, roll, drive, take the bus and ride bikes, making Outer Powell a safer place for everyone.

When the Outer Powell Transportation Safety Project is finished, people will see and experience new roadway improvements including:
  • Crosswalks so people can cross the road safely
  • Sidewalks for pedestrians and people who use wheel chairs
  • Dedicated bicycle facilities for cyclists
  • Center turn lanes so that cars, buses and trucks can move through the corridor more safely and efficiently
  • Storm drains to keep water from pooling on the road when it rains
  • Lighting for improved visibility
  • Rectangular Rapid Flashing Beacons (which alert drivers that people are crossing the street with flashing lights) to increase safety at the busiest crosswalks
  • Improved signals for better safety and traffic flow at intersections

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N/A | ​​U.S 26 SE 122nd Avenue to SE 136th Avenue in Portland

Cost and Funding

Project cost: $24,505,000 ​

Contacts & Media

Project Contact

Community Affairs Coordinator
Hope Estes

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11/21/2019 5:42 PM

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