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Local government


The Office of the State Chief Information Officer is happy to provide access to high-valued IT agreements and vendor management to partners across the state through the Basecamp program.  


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Join the group

Basecamp uses Oregon's online collaborative system, Govspace, to learn and develop opportunities with our programs across the state.  


Engage vendor management

Using feedback submitted through the vendor management page, Basecamp works to ensure contracted products and services meet performance expectations so you can fulfill your mission to Oregon residents.  Customers help Basecamp by reporting data and providing feedback on opportunities for improvement using our online forms.  

IT catalog

If you are looking for IT products and services available through established statewide agreements, the IT catalog is the resource for you.  The catalog will provide key information on the service and project, including description, expiration and metrics related to the performance and usage of the agreement.  In addition, you'll have a link directly to the ORPIN award summary page that will provide you contacts to get your IT acquisition started.

Suggest an IT product or service
The Basecamp Program relies on feedback from our partners across government to help us gather data on demand for statewide IT agreements.  Your suggestion will be reviewed against the technology reference model and weighted against other prioritized projects.  Use the online suggestion form to tell us how we can help you meet your IT goals.  

Oregon Cooperative Procurement Program (ORCPP)
ORCPP uses an intergovernmental agreement with its partnering entities to provide its members with access valuable products and services.  To take advantage of Basecamp agreements, become an ORCPP member.  

Oregon Procurement Information Network (ORPIN)

The Oregon Procurement Information Network system provides access to procurement and contracting information issued by the State of Oregon and partnering local governments. You may browse the site as an anonymous user and see summary information by selecting the "Browse" option in the left navigation bar.  To see the full agreement related documents, please request a user account.  

Questions frequently asked by governmental partners

Information about products and services offered through the Basecamp Program can be found in the IT Catalog.​ Select Contract Information to see the award summary.

​In future versions of the IT Catalog​ performance data will be located under Award data.    

​By following the Contract Information link, you can find the Buyers Guide which will walk you though the process. Please ensure you follow all applicable procurement polices your organization may have.  

Basecamp plans to hold quarterly events that will provide program updates, demonstrate the latest product/service offerings and ask for feedback on future work. Sign up to receive event notices

Customers are encouraged to visit the Vendor Management page to submit a improvement request.

To ensure optimal vendor performance, customers are asked to submit a vendor annual performance review.

To ensure optimal vendor performance, customers are asked to visit the Vendor Management page to submit a customer satisfaction form.

Customers and vendors are encouraged to visit the Vendor Management page to submit a program evaluation form

All events are recorded and highlight videos can be viewed in GovSpace. Complete the online form to get started.

Bascamp events may be atteneded online. You can test your system ahead of time.

By registering with the Oregon Procurement Information Network you can view agreement documents and begin the process to procure products and services.

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