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State code timeline

Important moments in Oregon’s building code history

In 1973, Gov. Tom McCall signed Senate Bill 73 into law, creating Oregon’s unique statewide building code system. The bill established uniform standards for all residential and commercial buildings in Oregon and prohibited local governments from enacting conflicting regulations. It included consistency of code requirements between municipalities, dispute resolution for decisions made by building inspectors, and the establishment of stakeholder advisory boards to help adopt codes.

Senate Bill 73

  • BCD created under the Department of Commerce
  • Established statewide uniform building code
  • Established training requirement for building inspectors

Senate Bill 889

  • Reaffirmed purpose, scope, and authority of the state building code
  • Established state pre-emption over local ordinances ​

Senate Bill 1034

  • BCD became Building Codes Agency, a standalone state agency

Senate Bill 107

  • ​Established inspector continuing education requirements

Senate Bill 167

  • ​Created Department of Consumer and Business Services; BCD became a division within the new state agency

Senate Bill 35

  • ​Established performance standards for local government administering a building inspection program

Senate Bill 512

  • Established the Tri-County Building Industry Service Center and Board

Senate Bill 587

  • ​Established appeal system for local code decisions​

House Bill 2660

  • Local permit fees must meet standards

House Bill 3613

  • ​Established “full service” requirement for assuming a program or element of a program

Senate Bill 710-715


  • Regulatory streamlining
  • Regional code administration – expanded Tri-County model
  • Plan review and code requirements
  • E-government – statewide e-permitting study, Tri-County pilot program
  • Statewide alternative inspection program – expanded minor labels
  • ​State approval for essential projects

Senate Bill 421

  • Established regional program to assist counties and local government

House Bill 2179

  • Established authority to approve emerging technologies

House Bill 3097

  • ​Expanded Tri-County e-permitting pilot program statewide

House Bill 2405

  • ​Authorized BCD to implement statewide Oregon ePermitting program

House Bill 2950

  • Merged the Manufactured Structures and Parks Advisory Board and the Residential Structures Board into the Residential and Manufactured Structures Board
  • Established the Construction Industry Energy Board

House Bill 3462

  • ​Established a pilot program for cross-training inspectors

House Bill 2698

  • Authorized BCD to continue developing cross-training for inspectors

Senate Bill 582

  • Authorized BCD to provide regional assistance
  • Created new customer appeal process
  • ​Streamlined permitting process

Senate Bill 866

  • Resolved constitutional issues regarding the administration of the state building code
  • Expanded the score of the inspector training program

House Bill 2415

  • Resolved constitutional issues regarding the administration of the state building code
  • ​Required the division to adopt rules to establish minimum standards and statewide consistency in electronic processes for reviewing plans, issuing permits, and performing field inspections