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National certification conversion

Any International Code Council (ICC) or other nationally recognized certification must be converted to an equivalent Oregon certification to perform work under that certification in Oregon. After your certification has been converted, you are only required to maintain your Oregon certification. A list of nationally recognized certifications and the equivalent Oregon code certification can be found below.

Follow these steps to convert your national certification.

Step 1: Review the qualifications

To convert a national certification, you must have an Oregon Inspector Certification (OIC) and one of the following:

  • Completion of a code certification training class administered by the division (if you have been hired by a municipality, you can complete this training within six months of hire)*
  • Two years of experience performing building permit inspections or plan reviews*
  • A degree in architecture or engineering, or be a certified architect or engineer*
*Note: These background requirements do not apply if you were employed as an inspector in Oregon prior to April 1, 2016.

Step 2: Apply

Fill out the National Certification Conversion Application .

Mail or fax all completed documents along with the appropriate fee(s) in a single packet to the Oregon Building Codes Division.

Identify the Oregon code certification


Other national certifications

The division will issue an Oregon certification for other nationally recognized certifications where the division finds the certification is equivalent to an Oregon certification. You must submit evidence of the national certification(s) to the division. Photocopies of certifications are acceptable – you do not need to submit originals.

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