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Prefabricated Structures Program

Registering a business

To receive services with the Prefabricated Structures Program a business must first register with the division.

Business types

There are two business types associated with the Prefabricated Structures Program:

Prefabricated structures (PFS) – includes:

  • Manufacturers of factory-built permanent or relocatable structures (offices, classrooms, equipment shelters, etc.)
  • Businesses performing alterations to approved prefabricated structures

Prefabricated components (PFC) - includes:

  • Manufacturers of factory-built components (wall, floor, or roof panels, refrigeration panels, etc.)
  • Manufacturers of factory-built component buildings

Quick facts

New registration: $100.00
Duration: One year
Expiration date: Dec. 31
Registration renewal: $20.00

Registration application

Please contact the program so the appropriate level of service needed to assist your business can be determined. Once staff has determined that your business can receive services from the program a registration application will be provided.

Additionally, any business seeking a Prefabricated Structures Program registration must also obtain a valid business registration from the Oregon Secretary of State’s Business Program. Proof of this business registration must be provided along with your Prefabricated Structures Program registration application. If your business is exempt from the Oregon Secretary of State’s business registry requirements, you must provide written proof indicating such. The division’s Licensing Program will not issue a Prefabricated Structures Program registration without this information.

A new Prefabricated Structures Program registration is $100.00. A registration is valid for one calendar year and expires on Dec. 31. It’s the responsibility of the registered business to notify the division of any changes in name or address. When a Prefabricated Structures Program registration expires all plans, manuals, and all un-issued insignia of compliance become invalid. Program services will not be provided until a valid registration is established and all other program requirements have been approved.

Registration renewal is $20.00. The Licensing Program mails a registration renewal notice to the business address on file approximately six weeks prior to expiration.

Prefabricated Structures Program fees are established in OAR 918-674-0155.

Services available for non-manufacturing businesses

Others seeking services from the Prefabricated Structures Program are limited to the following options:

  • Obtain a valid Prefabricated Structures Program registration.
  • Work through a division registered prefabricated structure manufacturer.
  • Work directly with the local jurisdiction where the structure is to be installed.