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Manufactured dwelling services

Design and construction requirements

The division is responsible for ensuring manufactured dwellings or homes designed and constructed in Oregon meet U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) standards.

All manufacturers of dwellings located in or shipping to Oregon shall register with the Building Codes Division. Homes in Oregon must be installed according to procedures identified in the Oregon Manufactured Dwelling Installation Specialty Code (OMDISC). Local building departments are responsible for installation, permitting, and inspections.

Any individual or business that purchases a manufactured home should record ownership of the home through the Manufactured Home Ownership Program.

Inspections and permits (tags)

Manufactured homes or dwellings must meet the Manufactured Home Construction Safety Standards set forth by HUD. Each home is inspected by a state inspector during in-plant construction to ensure the following:

  • Manufacturers follow their approved quality assurance manuals.
  • Manufacturers follow approved designs or plans.
  • Homes are built to HUD standards.
  • The manufacturer's quality assurance system is effective.

A home that meets all HUD standards will bear an insignia of compliance tag indicating it is ready for installation.

Dealer/distributor disclosure statement

Dealers or distributors that sell manufactured homes for installation in Oregon must present each buyer with a disclosure statement regarding permissible uses, roof snow loads, and anchoring prior to the completion of the sales contract.

Dealers must provide their name, address, and license number on the document, and then obtain the buyer’s signature. Dealers may use the state’s disclosure statement or include an identical statement within their sales contract. The signed disclosure should be given to the buyer and a copy retained in the dealer’s records for five years.

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