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Ready-build plans

Ready-build Plans Program

The program is designed to streamline the permitting process for customers. The division provides complete building plans and specifications for a variety of pole buildings, garages, carports, decks, and patios.

These structures are in Use and Occupancy Classification Group U (metal or wood frame), or are exempt under the architects/engineers law. They are preapproved to meet all design parameters in the state building code, but customers must also confirm that the plans meet their local city or county zoning and building requirements.

Using ready-build plans

Local jurisdictions choosing to participate in the Ready-build Plans Program can download these plans and make them available to customers.

In addition, building officials and inspectors (acting within their scope of employment by a city or county) may develop more pre-approved plans and specifications for structures that are exempt under the architects/engineers law.

The preapproved plans are subject to normal permitting and inspection protocols within a jurisdiction.

Contact your local jurisdiction for more information.

Modifying plans

Plans may be modified as noted below and remain ready-build pole building plans. The local jurisdiction must verify the plan design criteria meet or exceed the associated site criteria. Allowable plan modifications must comply with one or more of the following:

  • Specified eave height is the maximum height. Eave height may be reduced.
  • Specified roof pitch is the maximum pitch. Pitch may be reduced to 3/12. Lower pitched roofs are allowed if they comply with ORSC R905.10.
  • Specified frame spacing is the maximum spacing. Frame spacing may be reduced.
  • Specified length is the maximum length. Length may be reduced, but must not be less than the width specified on the plan. Allowed openings must be reduced by the same length that was removed from the overall building length.
  • Openings shown may be changed to walls except one three-foot wide by six-foot, eight-inch tall side-hinged door must be provided somewhere on the exterior.

The division does not approve modifications to the plans. Plan modifications beyond the limits indicated above are expressly subject to local jurisdiction approval on a site-specific basis.

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