Accounting and reporting

Helpful information on security access to financial systems (R*Stars, ADPICS, OSPS, and Datamart), request criteria, and who can authorize security access requests. Click on each form for more information (Must have Adobe Acrobat 8 or Adobe Reader 8)

Agency security officer list  

A list of Agency Security Officers authorized to request security access to financial systems (R*Stars, ADPICS, OSPS, and Datamart).

Security access  

Agency Security Officer notification form- ​Updated February 2019.
CFO's (or designates) use this required form to assign or revoke Agency Security Officer duties.

SFMA and OSPA - Mainframe Access.pdf - Updated August 2017.

For guidance on OSPA templates please see the chapter entitled "Introduction to OSPA Security" within the Introduction section of the OSPA Reference Manual.


Guide to SFMA and OSPA access request form - Updated November 2016.

A guide to assist agency security officers in completing the SFMA / OSPA request form. Identifies required fields and gives some examples.


User Class 78 - All Agency View Access.pdf - Updated April 2016.

Required form for employee statewide SFMA access via UC 78. The SFMA and OSPA - Mainframe Access request form is no longer valid for UC 78.

Datamart Standard View Access - SFMA and OSPA Tables.pdf - Updated July 2018. 

Required form for Datamart access to SFMA and OSPA tables.  The agency security officer submits the form to SARS Security after completing all applicable access information.   


SFMA/OSPA system password reset  

Systems Security does not have the access to reset passwords to the financial systems. For SFMS and OSPA, the user sends an reset request by e-mail containing their name, RACF Id, and the name of the system they are trying to access to