Accounting and reporting

Helpful information on security access to financial systems (R*Stars, ADPICS, OSPS, and Datamart), request criteria, and who can authorize security access requests. Click on each form for more information (Must have Adobe Acrobat 8 or Adobe Reader 8)

Agency security officer list  

A list of Agency Security Officers authorized to request security access to financial systems (R*Stars, ADPICS, OSPS, and Datamart).

Security access  

Agency Security Officer notification form- ​Updated February 2019.
CFO's (or designates) use this required form to assign or revoke Agency Security Officer duties.

SFMA-OSPA-Datamart access request form - Updated July 2, 2020. 

For guidance on OSPA templates please see the chapter entitled "Introduction to OSPA Security" within the Introduction section of the OSPA Reference Manual.


User Class 78 - All Agency Access form - Updated June 2020.

Required form for employee statewide SFMA access via UC 78. The SFMA-OSPA-Datamart access request form is not valid for UC 78.



SFMA/OSPA system password reset  

Systems Security does not have the access to reset passwords to the financial systems. For SFMS and OSPA, the user sends an reset request by e-mail containing their name, RACF Id, and the name of the system they are trying to access to