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Surplus Property

This information covers the policies and procedures for agency disposal and turn in of items through Surplus Property. If items are brought to Surplus Property, the next step is to get a login and password to the Surplus database (Reuse). If agency is a local government (Cities, counties, special districts, etc.) please see information under "Local Governments" below.

How to surplus tutorial

Disposal guidelines 

$250 and less options/examples

Local governments

Buyer's Guide for moving services

The state of Oregon's Procurement Services has compiled a Moving Services Buyer's guide which shows a variety of moving companies that are currently under price agreement with the state of Oregon to provide moving services for government agencies. The price agreements are mandatory contracts for all state of Oregon agencies under DAS authority;
for all other entities (namely, Oregon Cooperative Procurement Program or "ORCPP" members), the price agreements may be used at their sole discretion.

Go to the Moving Services Buyer's guide

Request for assistance

Acquiring and selling surplus property through this agency can be confusing. There are a number of State and Federal regulations that may seem cumbersome. Fortunately, there is Surplus Property staff to assist.

There are Surplus Property staff available to answer questions regarding selling and acquiring agency surplus property. These subject matter experts have years of experience. No question is too small and no situation is too complex. You can request assistance by email, telephone or even in-person.

Do you have a question about how to submit property, and need somebody from Surplus to visit your worksite? Do you need assistance with how to prepare or “lot” items together? Do you need to know how to stage a “Sold Onsite” auction? Is your group or association interested in acquiring Federal Donation property? If so, our skilled and experienced staff are here to help.

If you have reviewed our website and need additional information or some 'hands on' help, submit a request by clicking on the link below. One of our staff will contact you shortly. To request assistance by phone, call 503-378-6020.

I am a State/Local Government agency or non-profit organization and I need assistance with a Surplus Property related topic.

If you have a complaint about something at Surplus Property, you can submit it here, and one of our technicians will address it!