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Surplus Property



The Surplus Property program locates, acquires and distributes state and federal surplus property to state and local government agencies and qualified nonprofit organizations. Items available include office furniture, generators, vehicles/heavy equipment, boats, power equipment, firefighting equipment, camping supplies, kitchen equipment and emergency supplies just to name a few. 


The program acquires personal property from various executive federal agencies, military installations, state agencies and local governments. Surplus property staff maintains a "want list"of items and will reserve property, and can assist in making transportation arrangements if necessary. 


In addition, the Salem warehouse located at 1655 Salem Industrial Drive NE has a large inventory of items available for direct sale to agencies. The program keeps the service charges on each item at a minimum to cover operating costs. Property received from the federal program is reportable as a form of federal assistance at 23.4% of the item's original federal acquisition cost. 

Watch a short introductory video from GSA here


Who is eligible? 


Federal rules limit eligibility to state and local government agencies, and certain nonprofit organizations. All organizations except political subdivisions must have a letter of determination from the Internal Revenue Service that state the organization is nonprofit, and therefore tax exempt under section 501(c)3 of the IRS tax code.  

An agencies eligibility status is valid for three (3) years. After this time, an agency must complete a new application, and supply supporting documentation to remain eligible.


GSA listing of all eligible agencies.


Your obligations when acquiring Federal Donation Property.


Eligibility application - To be submitted with additional information in categories below. Regardless of additional information requested, an eligibility application must be submitted.


Update authorized signers - Used to add, delete or make changes to an agencies current authorized signers list. 


Government subdivisions 


Nonprofit organizations​​​​​​​​

Below are the categories for nonprofit organizations. The checklist for additional information required is located here.


  • Boys and girl scouts, or other Service Educational Activity (SEA)
  • Public Health
  • Educational activity, including museums, disability services providers and child care centers
  • Provider of assistance to the homeless
  • Programs for older individuals
  • Provider of assistance to the impoverished


Veteran and military service organizations

The organizati​on must be on this list. This and the eligibility application are the only things required.



For eligibility questions, or to submit application and supporting documents, please contact:

Carla Jeannette 
Eligibility Coordinator  

State of Oregon
State and Federal Surplus Property 
Phone: 503-378-2753
Fax: 503-378-8558 ​