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FAQs - Applicants

​​​​​Oregon Board of Dentistry
Unit 23
PO Box 4395
Portland, OR 97208-4395
Please note that UPS and FEDEX do not deliver to PO Boxes.  If you use one of these delivery services they convert the address from the  PO Box to  our physical street address.  The application packet will be returned to the applicant as the Board cannot accept monies at the Board's physical street address.

​The Oregon Board of Dentistry does not expedite applications.  We attempt to process applications in the order received and completed.  


Typically it takes approximately six to eight weeks from the time we receive your application and fees for a license to be issued.  The application process could go faster, but is dependent on the applicant filling out the forms appropriately and getting all required materials turned in. ​


​On the Board's website you are able to use a form to submit electronically a request to check on the status of any type of application.

Please note that repeated telephone calls inquiring about the application status will results in delays in the processing of applications for everyone, as it takes the Licensing Manager away from being able to process applications (initial and renewal) for licenses, endorsements, and permits.

Because it usually takes about five to seven business days from the time you mail your application for the Board to receive it, it will generally take about two to three weeks from the time you submit your application(s) and fee(s) that we will mail you the examination, fingerprint form and a letter letting you know what is still outstanding on your application.​


​All fees are mandatory when applying for a license (including the biennial licensure fee and prescription drug monitoring fee(dentists only)) and for any permit or a restorative endorsement. 

When applying for a new license, fees can be combined into one money order or cashier's check.  Applicant's will want to make sure that the fees being submitted match the applications being submitted.  If the fees and applications don't balance, all forms and fees will be returned to the applicant for correction.  This will delay the process for obtaining a license in Oregon.


​The best way to prevent delays is to carefully read and follow all directions, and to double-check every document carefully before submitting.  The following are common issues which causes delays for applicants:

  • Providing inaccurate, false, incomplete information, or omitting important information by mistake (complete practice history, arrests believed to be expunged, convictions, licensed in other jurisdiction, etc.)
  • Submitting the wrong fee(s) with an application(s).
  • Applying for a license under the wrong pathway.
  • Not having the appropriate CE or Clinical Practice Hours for applicants applying for Licensure Without Further Examination.  Appropriate CE and Clinical Practice Hours must be completed prior to applying for a license.
  • Failing to contact the applicant's program to send directly to the Board their official transcript (Dental/Dental Hygiene), with their degree posted.
  • Failing to have any regulatory agency send verification of licensure prior to submitting your application.  Please note, documents received prior to the Board receiving an applicant's application, will be held for 180 days, and will be reunited with their application when it arrives.  Having these documents submitted prior to receiving an application will help the applicant get licensed in a timely fashion.


​The Board does not release information on pending applications to anyone except the applicant, even if the applicant has given permission.  In addition, the Board recommends that a potential employer not schedule patients until the applicant is actually licensed.