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The 2020-2022 dental hygiene renewal period is now closed. The dental renewal link for 2021 will be active in the middle of January. 

Online Renewal Process  
You do not need a postcard to renew your license. You only need to provide the following information in order to access your renewal: 

  • Last name as registered with the Oregon Board of Dentistry
  • Oregon Dental or Dental Hygiene License No.
  • Last 4 digits of Social Security No.
Once you have accessed your online renewal application, you will be able to complete the process entirely online. If you should need to stop in the middle of the process your information, up to the last completed page will be saved allowing you to return at a later date to complete the process.  Late fees are not charged for 10 days after your license has expired, although you may not practice with an expired license for any reason. 

Important information when renewing your license

  • Licensees are personally responsible for their license renewal. 
  • This means no one other than the licensee should be answering the renewal questions. 
  • There are no exceptions for the online process. If you do not have access to a computer, you can visit a local library, a family member or friend, or if in the Portland-Metro area, you can visit the Board office.  
  • You can complete your renewal prior to completing all of your continuing education (CE) for the current renewal cycle!  However, it is your responsibility to ensure that you complete all required CE prior to the deadline.  Please contact Board staff at 971-673-3200 if extenuating circumstances will prevent you from completing all of your required CE prior to the deadline.

Payment Options

  • Pay online with a US issued Visa or MasterCard at time of renewal
  • Print completed renewal and mail it to the PO Box with a check or money order
  • Printed forms MUST be signed and dated
  • Payment MUST accompany printed renewal form. Renewals received without payment will be returned to licensee for payment. Your license will NOT be renewed until payment is received with the renewal application.
  • Active duty military fees are waived - see information below

Active Duty Military

Oregon Dental & Dental Hygiene licensure fees are waived for licensees who are active duty military. For those individuals seeking waiver of fees, you must select the 'Active Duty Military' option after completing the online renewal when asked how you would like to pay. In lieu of payment, you must send in documentation from your commanding officer of your active duty military status.  Please confirm with your commanding officer that you are allowed to take the waiver, as the military has changed their policy.

If you do not wish to renew your Nitrous Oxide, Minimal Sedation, Moderate Sedation, Deep Sedation, General Anesthesia or Expanded Practice Permit

If you do not plan on renewing your permit, please email Board staff at prior to renewing your license so that  we can remove the permit and fees from your license renewal.  Fees are non-refundable and if you should renew online and pay the fee(s), you will not be refunded the monies.

Options if you do not wish to renew your license
If you do not wish to renew your license, and are no longer practicing in any jurisdiction i.e., another state or country, please email us your information, so we can send you a retirement form.  Please make sure in your email that you let us know that you are no longer practicing.  
Following is the email address to request a retirement form:

If you do not wish to renew your license and you are practicing in another jurisdiction .i.e., another state or country, please email us your information, so we can document in your record that you are not planning on renewing. 

Following is the email address to let the OBD know you are not renewing your license:

You cannot work with an expired license in the State of Oregon 
If you license expires, even if your paperwork has been mailed or you've just completed the renewal online, until you see your license has been renewed, either on our website or by calling our office, you may not practice. 
The Board may impose a civil penalty of $2500 for practicing without a license. 

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