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FAQs - Licensees

Frequently Asked Questions for Licensees

To update your name or address you need to either use the online change forms (found here) or send us something in writing via regular mail. We must always have at least one physical street address on record for you so if you wish to change your mailing address to a PO Box please make sure that you are clear about your physical street address as well. That can be either your home or work address. You have up to 30 days to notify us of an address change. Once that change has been processed we will print a new license and it will be sent to your mailing address of records. 

When changing a name we need to have your license number, your old name, the new name and the reason for the name change.
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Update Contact Information

​Whenever you are submitting a form or application that requires payment it must be sent to our cashiering facility as we are not allowed to process payments in our office.  The address to mail all forms that have payment is as follows:

Oregon Board of Dentistry
Unit 23
PO Box 4395 
Portland, OR 97201-4395

If you do not send your forms/applications with the required payment to this address, we will return them to you for resubmission to the correct address and that will delay your application process.  Examples of forms that require payment would be application for licensure, anesthesia.*

*Please note this is not a complete list, just and example of the most common forms.​​​​​​

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Chapter 529 (2007) Laws known as Senate Bill 579 requires that all licensed dentists must complete one pain management education program developed by the Oregon Pain Management Commission. The law became effective January 1, 2008 and the Oregon Board of Dentistry requires that a dentist complete this mandatory pain management education program by January 1, 2010 or within 24 months of the first renewal of their Oregon dental license. 

The pain management education program is a computer based program and you can find the link below. Please note that you are only required to complete the one hour course, although you may choose to take the eight hour course if you'd like.
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Oregon Pain Management Commission - Pain Management Course

The Oregon Dental Association has some great resources available for dental offices.​

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​The Oregon Dental Association has material regarding the Amalgam Separator Law.

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Oral Health Screening Policy

2003 House Bill 3157, which was passed by the Legislature and signed into law by the Governor, allowed the Oregon Board of Dentistry (OBD) to develope written training and screening protocols so dental hygientists and dental assistants could independently perform Oral Health Screenings in Oregon.

The OBD on January 23, 2004 determined that no additional training was necessary for Oregon Dental Hygienists or Oregon Dental Assistants.

The OBD adopted specific language that must be on any Oral Health Screening Form that would be given to individuals or parents or guardians of minors who would be screened.

The following is the language and would need to be on any Oral Health Screening Form that would be used by any Oregon Dental Hygienist or Oregon Dental Assistant in compliance with Oregon Law.


This language was revised on March 1, 2006.

This is an oral health screening for ______________________________.  

A screening is just a quick look and does not take the place of a thorough examination by a dentist.  Serious oral health problems may be missed in a screening.  The person doing the screening may or may not have any dental training. [Dental Hygienists or Dental Assistants may omit the previous sentence.] 

  • ​No visible signs of oral problems.  See your dentist at least yearly.
  • Visible signs of oral problems were found. A visit to a dentist is recommended to prevent serious or more costly problems. 
  • Visible signs or symptoms of serious dental needs were found. An immediate visit to a dentist is recommended.

The Board encourages others who may do Oral Health Screenings to use this language on their screening forms.

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​Pursuant to ORS 419B.005(3) Dentists are mandatory reporters and are required to report child or elder abuse.  That being said, all citizens in Oregon have the responsibility to protect those who cannot protect themselves and should report any case of suspected child or elder abuse.

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How to Report Abuse and Neglect