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The RFSC is a partnership between Oregon's Department of Human Services (DHS) and the Refugee Resettlement Agencies (RRAs) to provide refugee case management and connection to mainstream services. The Refugee Resettlement Agencies may provide case management to refugees who are within sixty months of U.S. arrival.

RCSP Services to newly arrived refugees include:

  • An overview of Initial Eligibility once their case has been opened at DHS 
  • An assessment of the family’s needs
  • Coordination with DHS to create a case plan using the assessment as a basis
  • Direct Case management assistance such as: help to obtain a Social Security card and DMV identification, open a bank account, educate how to pay rent and utility bills, assist to enroll children in school, make a health screening appointment, and assist with other emergent needs.
  • Assist the family to connect with mainstream services. ​