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Local Office

You can apply at your local ODHS office for cash assistance, SNAP and medical benefits.

ODHS will work with the Resettlement Agency and with IRCO to assist you.​

Resettlement Agency Offices

The local Resettlement Agency office can also help you to apply for assistance, provide case management services, and connect you to mainstream resources for which you may be eligible.  Case management services are available for up to 60 months after arrival to the U.S.

The Refugee Resettlement Agencies​ include:

Employment Services

English language, vocational training, employment supports, and job placement services are provided through the Immigrant and Refugee Community Organization (IRCO) to refugees for their first 12 months of residence in the U.S.

Employment assistance is available for up to 60 months of residence in the U.S.​​

Ukrainian Assistance Resources


Afghan Assistance Resources