Foster Care

Foster and Adoptive Parenting (DHS 9510) - A one page brochure summarizing the need, flexible requirements, financial issues, and contacts for more in-depth information.


Become a Foster or Adoptive Family Inquiry Booklet (DHS 9507) - Twenty-four page booklet based on the most frequently asked questions about foster care and adoption; includes quotes from foster/adoptive parents and foster children/teens.

Icebreakers...The first meeting between birth parents and foster parents - This explains the goal (to exchange information about the child's needs soon after placement); guidelines; and roles and responsibilities of the foster parent, birth parent and caseworker/facilitator.

Team Decision Meetings - A one page brochure indicating when these meetings should take place (whenever a decision to move a child is being considered); who should attend; who benefits; meeting format, facilitation and follow up.

Child Welfare Data - Information about the children and families who come into Oregon's child welfare system due to abuse or neglect.

Certification Standards for foster care, relative care and pre-adoptive families


Foster Care Bill of Rights Publications


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