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Resource Parents and Relative Caregivers

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Ongoing training overview

​ODHS coordinates trainings for resource parents, relative resource parents, and pre-adopt​ive families and any other parent or caretaking figures who work with children and young adults experiencing foster care. ​Participation in Ongoing training options can be used to meet certification renewal req​uirements​.

Training is available in a variety of settings including seminars and workshops, conferences, on-line sessions, webinars and traditional classroom settings. Some trainers are also available to provide specific and targeted training to smaller groups by request.​​​

Ongoing training feedback and sugges​tions/Comentarios y ideas de capacitación continua​

Live/Online ​training

A variety of live, online training coordinated by ODHS Child Welfare for resource parents, relative resource parents and adoptive or guardianship families.

Live/Online courses and registration​​​​

 Just-in-t​ime training

Just-in-time training is a collection of videos and podcasts on a variety of topics. This method allows you to choose topics relevant to your specific needs and review them at your convenience.

Just-in-t​ime course information​​​​

​Other training resources

Additional training resources available from other local and national organizations.

Other training resources​​​​

​ ​